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8 Must Try Chicken Sandwiches in Washington, DC

Hey Nomsters!  If you’ve been following us on our regional account @nomtasticdc, you know that we’ve been eating chicken sandwich after chicken sandwich.  We’ve had so many amazing versions that we decided to do a post on 8 must try chicken sammies in the district.  So, here are our current favorites in no particular order.

1. ChiKo’s Sichuan Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich ($12)

It’s no secret that ChiKo’s one of our favorite restaurants in the DC area.  They offer lunch at their DuPont location from 11AM-3PM daily, and their Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich will high key blow your mind.  Think perfectly fried, served on buttery ciabatta, and dressed with pickled daikon, crisp lettuce and spicy mayo.  The only way to one up this sammie?  Enjoy it with a side of their famous tots.

2.  Astro’s “The Asteroid” ($10.75)

We are so shook.  Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken just released a new chicken sammie, and it’s a doozy.  “The Asteroid” contains a spicy fried chicken breast and is topped with lettuce, sliced pickles, jalapeño cole slaw, and comeback sauce (or ranch, if you prefer) and is served on a soft brioche bun.  Choose between regular, mild-ish, medium or out of this world hot.  Note, we went with medium, and it still packed a serious punch.  If you want to go all out, make sure you can handle spice…or at least have a glass of milk handy.

3.  Anju’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich ($10)

Speaking of heat, are you brave enough to try Anju’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich?  Made with buldak sauce – literally translates to “fire chicken” – this sammie’s obscene so you definitely want to hit them up for brunch to try it yourself.  Served with pickled radish slaw and furikake on O Bread milk toast, this baby’s available on weekends from 11-2PM.  You have the option of dining in or treating yourself via contactless pickup or delivery so get some.

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4.  Fight Club’s FC Chicken Doink ($14)

If you haven’t heard of this sandwich concept yet, you’re welcome in advance.  Chef Andrew Markert and his team are slingin’ fire sammies in Cap Hill from Beuchert’s Saloon, and you’re gonna want to check it out stat.  Expect boozy punches, non-traditional sandwiches and magic.

The Chicken Doink’s made with crispy buttermilk-brined chicken thigh that’s dressed with bread and butter pickles, shrettuce, and tomato.  He serves all the aforementioned goodness on maple cakes – yes, you heard right, maple cakes – before slathering on Crystal hot sauce.  So. Much. Yum.

5.  Roaming Rooster’s Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich ($9)

This list wouldn’t be a best of chicken sammie list without mentioning Roaming Rooster.  They have so many bangers on their menu it’s tough to just choose one, but our personal favorite?  Their Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich made with buttermilk fried chicken breast, smothered with honey butter and cheddar cheese.  Boom!

Bonus points if you throw on slaw for some extra crunch.  Everything’s made to order so expect to wait until you placed your order in advance, and honorable mentions include their Nashville Hot Chicken and Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich.

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6.  Open Crumb’s Fried Chicken Sandwich ($5)

Run by chef owner Peter Opare, this unassuming gem located in Anacostia is an absolute must try – there’s a reason why we featured ’em on an episode of DC’s $5 Lunch.  They serve everything from whole roasted snapper to tomato goat curry so there’s a lot to taste, but we highly recommend getting their chicken sandwich.

Priced at $5 (!!!!!), you can get your handheld fried or grilled – definitely fried – and it comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and mustard.  Add bacon or cheese for a few extra bucks, or keep things simple with the aforementioned combo.

There’s just something so scrumptious about this sammie.  The chicken comes fresh out of the fryer after being brined for 36 hours, and it’s everything you want it to be – juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.  They serve it on a fluffy house-made brioche bun for a show-stopping sandwich that’ll have you coming back for more.

7.  Your Only Friend’s Hot Nugget ($14)

If you haven’t tried Paul Taylor’s new sandwich shop yet, what are you even doing with your life?  Located at 124 Blagden Alley NW (aka Columbia Room), their streatery’s a must visit – expect bomb sammiches, delicious drinks and great vibes.  It’s hard to pick favorites between the Chicky Pep and the Hot Nugget, but we did it just for you.

A fast-food style chicken nugget patty dressed with Nashville hot sauce, Duke’s mayo, bread and butter pickles, and served on a Martin’s sesame seed bun.  Insert chef’s kiss because this was damn delicious – think as perfect as they come.  Make sure you can handle heat though because this sh*t was actually spicy, not white people spicy.  Don’t @ us!

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8.  Lucky Buns’ Dirty Bird ($13)

If you ask anyone in the district where to go for amazing sandwiches, Lucky Buns will inevitably come up in conversation.  Although they’re known for their burgers, they make some killer chicken sammies so make sure to hit them up.  Their Dirty Bird comes with a fried chicken thigh and is topped with white onion, pickles, lucky sauce, shark sriracha and iceberg lettuce.  They don’t jip you on portions so expect a phat piece of chicken for your meal!  Other delicious options include their Hot Tiger Bun (…if you like spice) and their Bun Mi (a fun play on the Vietnamese banh mi).

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading our latest roundup featuring 8 must try chicken sandwiches in Washington, DC.  Let us know if you’ve tried any of these delish handhelds, and comment below with YOUR personal favorite.

For more on DC eats, head to this tab and stay tuned for more foodporn coming your way.  We update daily so there’s always something new to see.  Until next time, friends!  Eat all the things.  PS.  we also published a guide to the BEST chicken sandwiches in the United States so definitely make sure to peep that post as well.


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