Must Try Restaurants in Seattle: Our Must Try’s

2021 Update: Unfortunately, several restaurants in this list have closed amidst the ongoing pandemic. They have been marked accordingly.

What’s up, Nomsters! Some people travel to sight see, but we travel strictly to get our grub on, and Seattle is definitely NOT lacking in tasty noms. Not only are there tons of awesome places all over the city and surrounding areas, but there’s so much diversity, as well, so you seriously can never get bored with the options that are only a short drive away. Whether you live there and are looking for something new, or you’re taking a trip sometime soon and you want to know where you NEED to go to have a happy tummy, we got you covered! Here’s our list of must try restaurants in Seattle that you must try (in no particular order)! Are you ready to drool?

*Note: this list will be updated on an ongoing basis if we discover a new place that deserves to be mentioned, so be sure to bookmark it!

1. Nate’s Wings and Waffles (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Best Restaurants in Seattle: Nate's Wings and Waffles Signature Sandwich Nate's Wings and Waffles Indoor Flat Lay

Nate’s Wings and Waffles was one of the highlights of all the food we ate there, and definitely deserves a mention in the list of must try restaurants in Seattle, but specifically, their Nate’s Special Sandwich was off the hook! Holy cow, was it good. It’s a three-cheese grilled sandwich that’s stuffed to the gills with chicken strips, onion rings, bacon (optional +$1), and smothered in chipotle barbecue sauce. All we can say is, you need this in your life STAT. The wings come in multiple flavors, which is awesome, and their mac n cheese is creamy, cheesy, and oh so good.

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Read More About Nate’s Wings and Waffles Here

2. Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max

Best Restaurants in Seattle: Sam Choy's Poke Pork Belly Musubi Sam Choy's Poke Poke Tacos

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max is one of the better poke places we’ve tried; not just in Seattle, but anywhere. Their fish tasted extremely fresh, their recipes were spot on, and their creativity was really impressive! This place isn’t just your typical poke bowl joint – they have everything from Poke Tacos to Pork Belly Musubi (so bomb!) and Spicy Korean Fried Chicken! So it’s not JUST poke and raw fish, so even if that’s not your thing, you should seriously give this place a try. They have a spot in San Bruno, CA, too, so all you Bay Area heads also get to indulge!

Read More About Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max Here

3. Seattle Freeze (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Seattle Freeze Window Background

Seattle Freeze, a play on the term that was coined to describe the idea some have that it’s particularly difficult to make new friends in Seattle, is a bomb ice cream spot that specializes in the soft serve style and it’s flippin’ fantastic. They have tons of awesome flavors and toppings to choose from, and you can even blend BOTH the ice creams AND the toppings together so it’s almost like Cold Stone for soft serve. Our concoction was a swirl of Ube and Vanilla ice creams with Fruit Loops and freeze dried strawberries, and it was like a little cup of heaven. Try that or get creative with your own!

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4. Xiao Chi Jie

Best Restaurants in Seattle: Xiao Chi Jie Sheng Jian Bao Xiao Chi Jie Bowl

A newcomer to the scene, but definitely one of must try restaurants in Seattle in our opinion, Xiao Chi Jie was opened by a few Chinese-Americans who felt the US was seriously lacking in legit Chinese street food. They wanted to bring this awesome food that’s been such a big part of their lives to the rest of the world – starting in Seattle – and that’s how Xiao Chi Jie (loosely translating to street food) came to be. We can definitely vouch that the Sheng Jian Bao are hard to come by in the states, and we were absolutely blown away by how good they were! For those not in the know, they’re kind of like Shanghai soup dumplings, but with a thicker outside, and they’re pan-fried, so they’re lightly crispy. They also have great rice bowls and a HUGE Jian Bing, so go here and get ready to be full when you leave!

Read More About Xiao Chi Jie Here

5. Currant Bistro

Best Restaurants in Seattle: Currant Bistro Cocktails Currant Bistro Flat Lay

Currant Bistro opened in early 2019 and they serve a whole range of delicious, upscale American food and top notch cocktails. There’s way too much to go into detail here, but their Salame Flat Bread was awesome (had a bit of a kick to it, too!), and their burger was phenomenal. Like seriously incredible.  What makes ALL this even more crazy? They’re able to prepare all these amazing dishes without a proper oven! The burger is first prepared sous vide style and then pan seared to perfection. Their cocktails are also two thumbs way up. Make sure to try the Smokey Manhattan and the Super Wolf Blood Moon!

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6. Central District Ice Cream (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Best Restaurants in Seattle: Central District Ice Cream Cone Graffiti

That may just look like an ordinary four scoop ice cream cone, but Central District Ice Cream really wowed us with their flavor selection! Salted Duck Egg, PB Girl Scout Cookies, Ube Strawberry, and Lemon Rose? Yep. And that was their March menu, meaning they swap in new flavors every month that they make in-house! So if you’re an ice cream fiend and love trying new and unique flavors, this is your spot.

That just about wraps it up! We hope you found something that tickles your fancy. We seriously enjoyed everything listed above and believe you can’t go wrong with any of it. Have you tried any of these places? Do you have recommendations that you didn’t see on this list of must try restaurants in Seattle? Let us know in the comments! Till next time, Nomsters!

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