Celebrating the Day of the Dead at MXDC

Alright Nomsters, this event recap’s late but better late than never, right?  A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous tasting at MXDC, and I got to celebrate the Day of the Dead with celebrity chef Todd English.

MXDC cocktails

Located on 600 14th Street NW, this gem of a restaurant started doing shabu shabu for two as part of their fall menu.  Chef English says “shabu shabu gives me the opportunity to use umami flavors in a way that creates an innovative, fun take on the traditional taco.”  For $65, you get 12 pieces of thinly sliced ribeye and an assortment of vegetables in a hearty dashi soup.  It’s served with corn tortillas, garnishes like cilantro and red onion, and an exquisite hoison-mole sauce.  As a second course, they add pasta, veggies and pulled short rib into the mix for a savory stew that will give you all the feels.

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MXDC shabu shabu tacos MXDC stew

On top of the shabu shabu mentioned above, I got to try a bunch of MXDC staples like their azul guacamole, their rockfish aguachile ceviche, their mole de pato (soy braised duck), and their kombucha pecan tacos.  Everything was delicious from start to finish, and I for one can’t wait to go back.  This particular event was hosted upstairs, but their dining room was absolutely stunning.  Don’t ask me why, but it felt very NY to me for some reason.  The interior was beautiful, and it had a dimly lit, inviting ambiance.  So, if you’re looking for a solid date night spot, you know where to go.

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guacamole mxdcpecan tacos mxdc ceviche mxdc duck mole mxdc

The following two dishes aren’t on the MXDC menu, but I wanted to share them anyway because I thought they were so special.  The first was chef’s amuse bouche:  erizo de mar sope.  Where my uni lovers at though?  Talk about kicking things off with a bang.  The second was a fun little treat chef threw into the mix:  caviar nachos with quail egg, guac and magic.  I wasn’t always big on caviar, but I can’t get enough of it now.  Put it on anything and everything, and I’ll happily devour it like the shameless nomster I am.

uni amuse mxdccaviar nachos mxdc

No meal would be complete without dessert, which is why chef sent out two:  flan and tres leches cake.  Which looks yummier to you guys?  It’s hard to pick favorites, but if I had to I’d go with the former.  The texture of the flan was to die for, and I liked that it wasn’t TOO sweet.

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mxdc flan tres leches mxdc

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  I hope you enjoyed reading all about MXDC!  Check back for fresh new content every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and browse our DC tab in the meantime for delish eats that will feed your feed.  Until next time!  Happy eating, friends.


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