Nanosalad: The Second Best Way to Get Your Fruit & Veggie Intake

Hey Nomsters!  Today’s post is a little different from what we usually share, but variety’s the spice of life, right?  We’re pumped to tell you all about NanoSalad, the second best way to fulfill your fruit and veggie intake on the regular.  Intrigued?  You should be.


NanoSalad was invented by a burger loving entrepreneur who wanted to find an easy and convenient way to incorporate more veggies into his diet.  So, he teamed up with a local chef to come up with a solution.  Together, they shrunk salad.  Literally.  Each packet contains 100% organic fruits and vegetables with NOTHING else added.

nanosalad packet

It’s literally salad in a packet that’s shrunk to be 20 times tinier.  It’s easily digestible, and it doesn’t really taste like anything so it won’t change the flavor of your favorite foods.  Want to trick your partner or kids into eating healthier?  NanoSalad’s got your back.

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healthy packets

Try sprinkling it onto oatmeal, pasta sauce, pizza, burgers, fries, drinks, oh so much more.  Each packet delivers concentrated plant solids and fiber to keep your digestive system thriving, and it won’t wilt like bagged greens which means less waste which is better for both the planet and your wallet.

healthy eating

There are two flavors available, savory and fruit mix.  The former contains apple, celery, kale, parsnip and carrot, while the latter’s made with apple, pear, strawberry and carrot.  The packaging’s recyclable, and each serving contains the equivalent of a sizable portion of salad.

nanosalad packets

Now, because we the best virtual friends you could ask for, you can try a sample here FOR FREE!  If you feel like you need all the NanoSalad in your life ASAP, use code NOMTASTIC for 30% off any of their products.  Have questions?  Feel free to reach out via email, tweet, whatever.  We’re always happy to hear from you.  Until next time, friends.

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