Natty Boh Unveils The “Crab Shack Shandy”

We love ourselves a solid beer, especially with the sun starting to come out more and summer being just around the corner! When the weather is hot we always reach for something light and refreshing, and National Bohemian basically read our minds with their new beer, the Crab Shack Shandy. But before we dive into the deets, it’s definitely worth mentioning that this is the first beer Natty Boh has released in upwards of 3 decades. 30 years! They’ve been a mainstay of the DMV since their beginnings, and with roots that run deep and an original beer that’s more of a tradition and experience than anything else, they’re introducing the Crab Shack Shandy as a seasonal beer to build upon that legacy.

The can is brightly colored and fits perfectly with summer vibes. With the first sip we could tell that it’s definitely not like a regular beer. A “shandy” is typically a beer with a mixer like lemonade or ginger ale, and the Crab Shack Shandy has some super refreshing citrus tones. It felt a bit more like drinking a mixed drink than a beer, except the aftertaste that kicked in shortly after gulping down a swig – which we both loved – was what you’d expect from a beer and brought the flavors full circle.

Crisp is an understatement for the Crab Shack Shandy. The citrus flavors give it an extra burst of refreshment that you normally don’t get from a regular beer, and many times not even from some of the other summer beers out there. We often crave a drink with lemon or orange flavor when we’re in the heat because it hits the spot more than a bitter beer, so having a pre-made and perfectly mixed shandy handy (haha) is something we most definitely won’t pass up!

We totally recommend that everyone give this a try! We’d even challenge those who claim not to like beer to give the Crab Shack Shandy a chance and see if Natty Boh can’t change your mind. It’s currently available in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Delaware until the end of summer so drink up, be safe, and enjoy!

Till next time, Nomsters!


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