Nob Hill Club: American Food With Sophistication

Having grown up in SF, I was surprised that I had never been to Nob Hill Club before, but after giving it a try I’d definitely recommend it with two nomtastic thumbs up! Located at 999 California St., the American food restaurant brings influences from all over the place and fuses everything together with a sophistication and quality that was pleasantly surprising. The ambiance adds to the overall experience, as well. There was a boss private dining area towards the back with a long, marble table, a chill area to the other side with couches and armchairs that feels like you’re kickin’ back in a cozy living room, a long wooden table in the middle of the restaurant with a TV for social occasions, and of course, regular tables. Below is an overview of what we got to try, so let’s get to it!

To start off, Nob Hill Club has some incredible Cocktails. But it’s not just the flavors that are awesome – they have a whole menu of cocktails where part of the profits go to good causes. Talk about giving back! They also have an exclusive corporate cocktail menu if you’re thinking of coming through with your team.

The first of the food to come out at Nob Hill Club was their Salmon Tartare. It was light, refreshing and the bread crisps added a nice crunch to vary up the texture a bit. If you’re a fan of sashimi and are looking for something with a bit of a different flavor and influence, this is a great starter to choose!

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Next up, I had the Mac & Cheese, which was creamy, cheesy, and delicious. Be sure to check out our Instagram post showing a mouth watering cheese pull from this dish. This was definitely some of the best mac and cheese I’ve tried in a long time, so make sure to grab a side of it when you visit!

The next dish was one that the executive chef, Michael Wong, said I had to try, and I totally understand after taking a bite and then scarfing down the rest in a matter of seconds. Nob Hill Club’s Dungeness Crab Rolls are a fan favorite and, according to Chef Wong, they have been a mainstay on their constantly rotating menu. They were full of flavor and the Louie dressing added a bit of spice that complemented the crab perfectly. Also, that plating is super on point!

After that, we had one of my personal favorites, the Brulee Char Siu Glazed Salmon. You may be more familiar with char siu pork in Cantonese cuisine, and Chef Wong took that idea and threw it together with salmon to create this amazing dish. The sauce is sweet and salty, and both sides are ever so slightly seared and charred, which really gives it a BBQ/grilled flavor that you don’t often get with salmon or other fish. If you’re a salmon person, this one’s definitely for you!

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If you’re a gamey meat kind of person, the Rack of Lamb is an amazing choice. It was cooked medium to medium rare and was the perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The lamb was complemented by crème fraîche mashed potatoes and a mix of summer veggies.

Nob Hill Club also has a delicious, juicy Wagyu Burger in a Brioche Bun that’s topped with caramelized onions, corn cob smoked bacon, whole grain mustard aioli, gruyère cheese, and has a side of french fries. The wagyu was top notch, and the caramelized onions really did the trick for me. This one will definitely fill you up!

The Pan-Seared, Lightly Smoked Diver Scallops had a great texture and consistency. We’re always on the lookout for scallops done well because we’ve had too many experiences with tough, chewy ones that feel more like rubber than food. Totally not the case at Nob Hill Club. They’re prepared with white bean purée, and beer-braised caramelized red cabbage with Nueske’s bacon. The white bean purée was silky smooth and the red cabbage added a bit of crunch that provided some varied texture to each bite.

Now for the desserts! The first, and probably my most favorite, was the Lemon Berry Trifle with Green Tea Shortbread. The tartness of the lemon cream with the sweetness of the fresh fruit was super refreshing, and the sponge cake brought some slight sweetness, but also provided some substance to balance out everything else. The green tea shortbread was the same way. It added some texture and balanced out the sweetness and tartness of the other elements.

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The second dessert from Nob Hill Club was the Olive Oil Cake with vanilla bean chantilly cream and lavender syrup. I’m honestly pretty picky about my cakes, but this one caught my attention because it was light and perfect to eat at the end of a big meal. The fruit was also a nice, light, refreshing touch. I was totally stuffed, but this one still really hit the spot!

The last one was the Blueberry Cheesecake. My first thought was that it didn’t look like a typical cheesecake, but once I dug into it I noticed a familiar texture. What made this unique, though, was the blueberry flavor. It was distinct and SO good. Blueberry and cheesecake are two of my favorite things separately, and Nob Hill Club fused them together flawlessly.

If you haven’t been to Nob Hill Club we definitely recommend you give it a try! It can be as classy or casual as you’d like, but no matter what you’re wearing you’ll enjoy your time there and leave with a very happy stomach. Till next time, Nomsters!


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