Noosh: Modern Eastern Mediterranean Food in SF

What’s up, Nomsters! If you haven’t been to Noosh SF, mark a date on your calendar and go! It’s a modern Eastern Mediterranean restaurant with a cool, trendy vibe and large windows across the whole restaurant, which brings in tons of natural light and really opens the place up. The Noosh restaurant is on Fillmore St. just two blocks north of Japantown in Lower Pacific Heights, which is a fun neighborhood with lots of shops and foot traffic. They offer a range of traditional dishes as well as modern twists, and even a line of refreshing original cocktails that are definitely worth a try. So let’s jump into our recommendations!

What you should order at Noosh:

Pork Soujuk Turkish Flatbread

This is probably what Noosh in San Francisco is most famous for – their flatbreads are incredible cheese-covered creations that, at first glance, look like narrow pizzas, but the flavor is actually quite different. Our absolute favorite was the Pork Soujuk Turkish Flatbread. It’s made with pork soujuk, melted cheese, and a poached egg on top. If you’ve never had soujuk before, it’s a delicious, slightly spicy type of sausage, and it really adds some pop to the dish. We recommend breaking the yolk open and spreading it across the entirety of the flatbread and then pick it up and eat it like you would a pizza!

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Noosh Pork Soujuk Turkish Flatbread

Noosh Pork Soujuk Turkish Flabread Lifted with dripping egg yolk

Greek Po’Boy Chubby Pita Sandwich

The Greek Po’Boy Chubby Pita Sandwich was probably our favorite dish we tried. It’s a pita sandwich that’s stuffed completely full of fried calamari, Smoked Tsatsiki, pickled onions, arugula, and mint leaves. Pretty chubby, right? Maybe so, but the way all the ingredients compliment each other to create such a refreshing sandwich is pretty darn amazing. Also, we’ve never had a calamari sandwich, but we’re officially sold.

Noosh Greek Po-Boy Chubby Pita

Spice Road Crispy Potatoes

You could say the Spice Road Crispy Potatoes are just a fancy way of saying “fries,” but what sets these apart from other thick cut fries is what they’re served with and how you eat them. They come with two sides – harissa and a mix of spices. For the full experience, you dip the crispy potatoes into the harissa first, and then dip THAT in the dish full of mixed spices and prepare to be mind blown. There’s so much flavor that instantly jumps out at you that I don’t even know how to explain it. You get the slight heat from the harissa and the fragrant flavors of the spices, but you also get the crunchy texture from the spices that adds to the overall experience of each bite.

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Noosh spice road crispy potatoes

Noosh Mule

We went during brunch so we took it easy on the cocktails, but what we tried definitely piqued our desire to go back and try everything else at some point! Our number one recommendation would be the Noosh Mule, which is their unique take on a Moscow Mule. A regular Moscow Mule is typically made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime, but the master bar staff behind Noosh got creative and crafted their recipe with apples, cardamom, and Kettle One Vodka. For those that may not know, cardamom is a spice within the ginger family that has a strong, sweet aroma and flavor with subtle hints of citrus and mint. So Noosh basically replaced the ginger beer and lime juice with this unique spice, which gives it a distinct, yet somehow familiar taste. Try it out!

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Noosh Mule

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