A Half-Smoke Pizza?!??!!

Yes, you read right!  North Italia DC is offering a half-smoke pizza until April 11th, and it’s a must try.  Made with half smoke sausage, slow-cooked chili, mustard sauce and radicchio, expect each bite to be spicy (from crushed red pepper and Calabrian chilies), tangy (from the mustard, cinnamon and brown sugar-spiked chili base) and comforting!  I mean, it’s a hot dog pizza after all.

half smoke pizza

Chef Patrick Fisher was inspired by this iconic DC food made famous by the one and only Ben’s Chili bowl.  “As a kid, I remember getting the half-smoke at the snack stand at the local golf course without really knowing what it was. I was enthralled by the hearty, bold, spicy hot dog cooled off with fresh onion and plenty of mustard. I have a soft spot for all things spicy.”  He recommends pairing it with an ice cold Peroni or Miller Lite for the ultimate meal!

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north italia half smoke pizza

As if that deliciousness wasn’t incentive enough, they’ll be donating $1 to the local food bank for every pie sold.  YEP, so definitely make sure to get there ASAP to eat for good.  And in addition to ‘za, they have some really fantastic fresh pasta available, and their brunch menu’s solid.

truffle garlic bread

Their white truffle garlic bread is crazy delicious – served with house made ricotta, mozz, grana padano and herbs – so get an order for the table, and their freshly fried lemon donuts are fantastic as well.  Don’t pass on either!

north italia breakfast sandwich

I also highly recommend their breakfast sandwich, stuffed with rosemary ham, Italian sausage, crispy bacon, egg, roasted pepper, cipollini onion, smoked mozz and calabrian aioli.  For $15, this is a GREAT value IMO – the handheld’s pretty damn big, they don’t skimp on fillings, and flavors are nicely balanced.  Plus, it comes with hashbrown coins so that’s a win.

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Alright Nomsters, who’s excited to check out North Italia?  Definitely let me know what you think of their Half-Smoke ‘za if you try it.  For more DC eats, click here for recs, and stay tuned for more content coming your way soon.  Until next time, friends!  Eat all the tings.


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