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North Shore Poke: Bowls with Style

The typical poke restaurant serves bowls with various ingredients haphazardly thrown in, often looking unappetizing and sloppy. North Shore Poke Co., located at 6786 Bernal Ave #820 in Pleasanton, CA, was the exact opposite and we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when we arrived. There was such a focus on the presentation of each dish and everything came out looking super bomb! Aside from the poke bowls, they also serve some unique dishes that we’ll get into in a bit. Let’s get to the goods!

First up we had a custom poke bowl with white rice, salmon, green onions, crispy garlic, daikon, cucumber, masago, and their pipeline flavoring. Instead of just taking ice cream scoopers full of the ingredients and throwing them into a bowl on top of the rice, they actually took my custom ingredient requests and crafted them in a way that really brought out the colors and looked aesthetically amazing. Check out that bowl below! Splitting up the masago from the salmon with the white daikon and green cucumber made this bowl look off the hook. And it tasted awesome, too! Everything was hella fresh and it totally hit the spot.

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The other poke bowl we got was another custom bowl with their sunset flavoring, ahi tuna, soba noodles, green onions, daikon, furikake, avocado. This one, once again, was perfectly arranged to create a beautiful dish that tasted great, as well. We had never had soba noodles in a poke bowl before this, but we’re definitely happy we tried it. It gives each bite a slightly different texture and base flavor, which was a great way to change things up if you’re a frequent poke bowl eater.

Outside of the poke bowls, one of the dishes we tried that was crazy awesome was the Waimea Poke Nachos. They consisted of Waimea style poke over tortilla chips, topped with house hot sauce & furikake. That hot sauce gave it a nice little kick with each bite, which we loved. Spicy food is the business. It was so cool to experience nachos in a whole new way, and we love hawaiian flavors, so this one is highly recommended when you visit!

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For dessert we got to try one of their Acai Bowls and there couldn’t have been a better way to finish off the meal. It was so refreshing, and the berries, mango, banana, and coconut flakes on top were perfectly complementary to the acai and added a nice freshness to the bowl. There’s just something about freshly cut fruit, even in an acai bowl. We could totally go back just for this.

Till next time, Nomsters


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  1. Jennifer
    December 27, 2017 / 7:15 pm

    Wow! They look delicious. I have to try this out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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