Onigilly: Tasty Gourmet Onigiri

One of our favorite Japanese snacks is onigiri, and Onigilly has brought high quality, delicious onigiri to the Bay Area! If you’ve ever been to Japan you know that these are super common snacks usually sold at convenient stores, but they’re much harder to come by in the US. When we discovered Onigilly in SF a couple years ago, we were so excited to try it, and although the presentation is different, they truly do justice to this traditional Japanese treat. Let’s dig in!


Onigiri are Japanese rice balls with a filling in the middle and they’re sometimes wrapped in seaweed. Some common fillings you’d find in Japan are tuna, umeboshi, and salmon. A lot of times the fillings would be completely enclosed by rice, so Onigilly actually hooks you up with way more of the good stuff by creating a rice sandwich of sorts. Traditionally, they’re made with white rice, but to make theirs a little healthier, Onigilly crafts theirs with partially milled organic brown rice.

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They have tons of different fillings including our favorites – natto (fermented soy beans), unagi, and spicy miso beef. You can order a la carte, or you can choose among various sets that come with two or three Onigillys and some sides such as chicken karaage, edamame, takuan, tamagoyaki, and miso soup.

Rice Bowl

If you want to ensure that you leave totally stuffed, Onigilly also serves large rice bowls that you can customize! You choose three toppings from the same list of rice ball fillings, and they throw in a bunch of veggies to cover the rice.

They have several locations in San Francisco, Oakland, and Palo Alto, so be sure to give them a try and let us know what you think!

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