Outsidelands 2019 Food Lineup Recap

It’s been a couple weeks since Outsidelands 2019. Having major withdrawals!  This was actually my first time at Outsidelands. I was always traveling to go to music festivals and never thought about attending one right in my backyard. I ended up having a blast!  I’d say it is a cross between Coachella and Bottle Rock.  

If you’re anything like me you are a die-heart festival goer who likes to get lost in the music.  Music is life!  But food is also life!  It’s time for me to tell the truth, I went for the food!  Anybody else do the same? Festival food has seriously taken a life of it’s own. You don’t know if you should skip the show to get the food or skip the food for the shows.  Hard first-world life decisions! 

Let’s go through my Outsidelands 2019 weekend experience!  It started off with encountering the iconic Ranger Dave statue where everyone kept crowding around to get their picture. 

Outside Lands Photo Opportunity with Ranger Dave


First stop was checking out Noosh‘s stand where they served the Aleppo Mushroom Pita Sando and Loaded Tahini fries. These were all very filling and satisfying especially after walking around in the hot weather.

You can try Noosh anytime with even more food options! They are loaded at 2001 Fillmore Street, San Francisco.

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Pinoy Heritage

If you like fusion-style food, you will love Pinoy Heritage. Every time I’ve had Chef Francis’s genius culinary creations it has blow away my taste buds. The complexity of flavors and textures are very well balanced. The Sisig Fried Rice is a must!

Sisig Fried Rice, Pork Lumpia, Mochi, Calamansi drink

Check out their website for tasting dinners!

Itani Ramen

If the noodle cup version of this ramen was amazing then the full menu restaurant must be even more amazing! I tried the chicken ramen from Itani and it was incredibly delicious. The broth is very flavorful and doesn’t leave you with a heavy feeling.

Make a stop at their restaurant location, 1736 Telegraph Ave, Oakland.

Sugar Daddy

If you’re like me you love churros and you love cotton candy. The innovators behind Sugar and Spun decided to fuse them together. My dessert dream was formed. The only sad part for me was it melted so fast from the heat! This cotton candy is truly gourmet! Purchase it online!

Proposition Chicken

Midway through the day at Outsidelands 2019 I ventured into the Bubble Tea Party area. It was pretty magical and different from other areas of the venue. When I got there people were making huge bubbles!

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Had to get food in this area and came across Mac’d! These little Mac & Cheese balls had bursts of cheesy goodness. My favorite was the one with bacon. They are expanding beyond San Francisco, check the website for locations near you!

The Chairman

Had to stop by the San Francisco classic truck, The Chairman. There are so many options! You can get your buns baked or steam. For the stuffing type you can choose tender pork belly, coca-cola braised pork, spicy chicken, miso cured tofu.

Señor Sisig

Señor Sisig is truly an original San Francisco food truck that bring filipino fusion, so Outsidelands 2019 was the perfect showcase for them. Just look at that close up! It was perfect for grabbing a quick delicious bite on the go to make it to the next musical act!

Peaches Patties

Support local! I haven’t really tried Jamaican food and these were delicious. I preferred the meat patty with their special sauce. The best part of this meal was the turkey leg! It remained me of the Disneyland ones. Check their instagram for the last updates on where you can get Peaches Patties!

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Heard a lot about this burger and finally got to try it! It was a very well made burger. Now I want to go try their larger menu. Luckily Causwells has a location on 2346 Chestnut Street!

Alba Rays

I love some good chicken and waffles. Alba Rays brought it with this on-the-go sandwich version. I really liked the syrup! They added a kick to the syrup which really topped off the flavor. I wish I had tried the beignets. They ran out by the time I came around to order!

And that’s the round up for all the food I was able to fit into the weekend! Of course there were even more amazing food options that I wish I had tried. Let’s not forget the the music that surrounded the weekend. Outsidelands also debuted their new area “Grasslands,” you’ll have to attend next year to see what it’s all about! Until next time!

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  1. September 13, 2019 / 9:51 pm

    So cool! I’ve never been to Outsidelands before! The food sounds so good. 🙂

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