Ozumo: Japanese Taco Tuesday?!

If you’re in downtown San Francisco and looking for a chill spot for some happy hour drinks and snacks, there’s no cooler place than Ozumo at 161 Steuart St. They’ve been around for 15 years, which really says something in a city like SF, and their attention to detail really shows in their dishes. The decor and ambiance is modern with a hint of Asian influence, and is pretty dimly lit as the sun goes down for a cool vibe.

But most notably, they have something you probably wouldn’t expect from a Japanese restaurant — Taco Tuesday. That’s right, they do their own take on the delicious occasion, and it’s incredible. But first…

We got to grab a beer and hang out at a table in the front while waiting to get seated for our food.

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The front bar area is hella chill and great for meeting up with a couple friends, and the back is where the restaurant seating and sushi bar are.

We don’t like beating around the bush. The highlight of the happy hour menu at Ozumo for us was the two Asian tacos for $5. Beautifully plated and served for their Taco Tuesday special on Tuesdays from 4-6pm, they come in two varieties. The first one we tried was ahi tuna on a crispy won ton. So. Amazing.

The second was a chicken taco, almost reminiscent of chicken karaage. We’re not typically huge fans of fusion dishes, but this blew us away. The softness of the chicken/tuna and avocado combined with the crunchiness of the won ton “taco” shell was unbelievably satisfying.

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Another dish off the happy hour menu we got to try were the yasai (vegetable) and sake (salmon) kushiyaki. If you’re a fan of skewers look no further. Perfectly cooked and great for sharing, these make for awesome finger foods while sipping on drinks and chatting with your crew.

Next, we ordered some regular maki sushi with one difference that’s definitely notable. We normally wouldn’t recommend a California roll given that it’s served at every American Japanese restaurant and it typically super basic, but the one made at Ozumo is made with fresh crab daily instead of the cheap imitation stuff. It really does make a difference.

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Towards the end of our visit, the sushi chef surprised us with one last roll – the Sekiwake Roll. It’s made with spicy tuna, tempura flakes, and cucumber roll, topped with salmon, hamachi, and tobiko with peanut sauce. You read that last part right. Peanut sauce. And it was awesome. It was honestly a bit of a shock on the first bite, but once we knew what to expect, we loved it. Who would have thought to combine those flavors?!

We totally recommend stopping by and indulging in Ozumo’s Taco Tuesday Happy Hour. It’s a fun environment to unwind in after a hard day’s work, and you’ll most definitely be ordering multiple rounds of those tacos.

Catch you next time, Nomsters!


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    OMG this looks fantastic

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