Pamplona: Best Bottomless Brunch in Arlington

If you’re a fan of Spanish noms, you’re going to LOVE Pamplona.  We can’t even begin to tell you guys how much we enjoyed their bottomless brunch (note: everyone at your table has to participate).  For $35, we got unlimited tapas and mimosas (classic, grapefruit, and apple).  There were 25+ plates available in addition to a handful of a la carte options so there was a ton to choose from.  We got a variety of different dishes to sample, but our goal is to try everything at some point, ha.

Pamplona serrano ham

We got there around 11 on  Sunday, and it was pretty dang busy.  We grabbed a table by the window (natural lighting FTW) and quickly placed an order with our bomb waitress.  BTW, the service here was impeccable.  Everyone was SO on it, and Walter, Pamplona’s manager, checked on us (and everyone else) several times to make sure we were full and satisfied.

To start, we got their…

  1. Serrano Benedict: serrano ham + a perfectly poached egg served with olive oil hollandaise.  OMG this was good.  SO, so, SOOOOO good!  The ham was super fresh, and the egg was runny AF – click here to see a video of the perfection we speak of.  Their hollandaise sauce was really on point, too.  Definitely make sure to get an order (or five) of these babies.
  2. Smoked Salmon: premium fish nom-ness served with pickled white asparagus and house made ricotta.  Loved the presentation of this dish, and fresh ricotta is always a do in our book!  We also liked the portion size of this – perfect for one person.
  3. Steak con Hueve: steak topped with a sunny side egg and chimichurri, set on top of a bed of assorted veggies.  The meat could’ve been a bit more tender, but we really enjoyed this plate’s flavor profile and would totally get this again.
  4. Lamb Burger: lamb burger with chermula and olive tapenade.  A must-try for lamb lovers everywhere!
  5. Arugula Salad: super fresh greens tossed with pickled grapes, cabrales, candied almonds, and maple sherry vinaigrette.  Who knew salad could be so good? Also, love, love, LOVE arugula so they automatically get props for serving this instead of something more basic, ha.
  6. Spanish Grilled Cheese: serrano ham and mahon (aka heavenly cheese) doused in truffle palm honey.  We LOVE honey on bread, but we’ve never had it on a grilled cheese sammy before so we were excited!  It was definitely sweeter than expected, but we really enjoyed the taste.
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Pamplona steak

The Serrano Benedict is the first picture we shared on this post!  Then their Steak’s pictured above, and the smoked salmon’s straight chillin’ below.

Pamplona salmon Pamplona lamb burger

above:  mini-lamb slider || below:  their arugula salad + half of their Spanish grilled cheese

Pamplona salads

Our next round included their…

  1. Mushroom Benedict:  winner winner chicken…or erm, mushroom dinner? This was another win.  Get ALL of their benedicts because they’re ridiculously tasty.  This was pretty much the same as the Serrano benedict pictured up top, but they added pine nuts and chimichurri to the mix.
  2. Spanish Tortilla: nanasturtium crème and burgundy truffles.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Carb lovers rejoice.  This torte had layers of potato in flaky magical goodness, and we couldn’t get enough of it.  We’ll take one giant Spanish potato pie to go please.
  3. Calamari: Perfectly fried calamari served with piquillo pepper aioli and lemon.  Another flavorful dish we couldn’t get enough of!
  4. Chorizo Biscuit:  Eggs and gravy on a house made biscuit aka crack on a bun.  This came highly recommend by Walter, and we could see why.  If you’re looking to indulge, this dish is a no-brainer.  The biscuit’s all kinds of buttery and flaky and coupled with the gravy? Ermergerd.
  5. Chorizo Hash:  hash taters with chorizo, piquillo aioli and a sunny side egg?  We can get on board with that.  The portion’s on the bigger side so def. share this with frands!  This wasn’t our favorite dish of the bunch, but that’s not saying much because everything was really good.  If you get the AYCE deal, place an order, but if you’re doing a la carte, we recommend going with other faves we mentioned above.
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Pamplona benedict

Two shots of the mushroom benedict because it was so freakin’ good – Pamplona killing the game…

Pamplona benedicts Pamplona tapas

above:  spanish torte goodness || below:  calamari for days

Pamplona calamari Pamplona biscuit

above: Pamplona – what dreams are made of, ha || below:  all things good in life + chorizo

Pamplona chorizo

Even though we were stuffed at that point, we got dessert because…well, do we reallyyyyy need a reason?  We got an order of their toffee cake and churros because churros are the best ever.  Both desserts were effin’ good so it’s hard to choose between the two.  If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, go for the cake.  If you want to indulge hardcore, get the churros.  They’re made fresh so they come out warm and the chocolate dipping sauce will give you life!

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Pamplona toffee cake

Just look at that drippy goodness…

Pamplona churros

Yep.  Pamplona is bae.  If you’re looking for a cool new place to brunch at in Arlington, go and check them out.  Where is your go-to breakfast spot in the DMV? Feel free to list as few or as many as you want!  ‘Til next time, Nomsters.  Click here to browse other restaurants in VA!


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