Pete’s Place: A Kinda Korean Must Try in Philadelphia

If you follow us on instagram, you already know we seriously heart Chef Peter Serpico.  We first got to try his food during his popup at Anju, and we’ve been huge fans ever since.  Due to everything going on with COVID, Serpico’s on hold (which sucks), but they expertly pivoted (silver lining).  They’re now Pete’s Place, a “kinda Korean” noodle shop that serves noodz, soups, and other delicious entrees via contactless pickup and delivery.

It’s so tough to sit here and discuss must try dishes because we have no doubt everything at Pete’s Place is incredible.  We do have a few favorites we’d like to highlight though.  If you’re looking for noodz recommendations, definitely make sure to get his tsukemen ($18).

You get two separate bowls of food: one with chilled noodles, the other with concentrated kimchi dipping sauce, made with pork shoulder, pork belly, seaweed and white sesame.  The noodles were absolutely delicious, and the broth that comes with?  Insanely good.  Expect thick flavorful goodness with meat so tender, it melts in your mouth.  Chef also includes a side of starchy water which you add to the broth afterwards!  And you can’t see in our pics, but this dish came with a QR code.

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You scan it with your phone and up pops a video of Chef with his adorable daughter sharing instructions on how to enjoy said noodz.  Brilliant on all fronts.  We haven’t really gone out much over the last 9 months or so, and one of the things we miss most is that human element you get from eating out.  This was such a lovely way for us to feel connected though.

Now, you can’t get Pete’s Place without getting an order of his Korean fried chicken wings ($18).  This is “Pete’s Must Have” for a reason!  You get twice fried jumbo wings with chili glaze and sesame seeds.  We don’t know how he does it, but these were the crispiest wings we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring, and we mean that in the best way possible.

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The glaze was wildly addicting as well – expect a sweet and spicy taste that will leave you fully satisfied.  PS.  we saved our wings for later, and they were crispy even after sitting out for 6 hours.  Not sure how he does it, but we’re sure as hell not mad about it!

Another gem was his marinated boneless short rib ssam ($29).  This non-noodle entree came with steamed rice, lettuce, ssam sauce and kimchi relish.  So, think of this as an edible DIY project of sorts. You take red oak, put in a piece of meat (..or as many pieces as you please), rice, ssam jang, kimchi and wrap it all up!  It’s supposed to be bite-sized but who cares, there are no rules, go HAM.

As for sides, everyone needs to try Pete’s potato salad.  Our pic reallllly doesn’t do it justice!  It doesn’t look particularly amazing, but the flavors are out of this world.  It’s made with kimchi relish, mayo, crispy potatoes and chili flakes, and we honestly fought over the last bite.  Note, the texture’s more like mashed taters than potato salad, but it’s tasty AF.

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Anddd last but not least, Chef Serpico’s rice pudding ($5).  This was insane, and again, our pic doesn’t do it justice, but whether you’re full or not, you guys need to try this dessert, like you’re high key missing out if you don’t get this dessert.  Made with dulce de leche, cinnamon, and sunflower & sesame brittle, this tastes like a synthesis of creme brulee, dulce de leche and magic.

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about Pete’s Place for our latest!  We still have more Philly features to share so definitely make sure to check back soon.  If you missed our last one, click here to read about bomb pizza in PHL!  Stay tuned for fresh new content coming your way tomorrow.  See you soon!


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