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Pinstripes’ Grand Opening at Pike & Rose

Take everything you know about bowling allies, and throw those preconceptions out the window because Pinstripes defies any and every stereotype you may possibly have.  Their brand oozes class, from decor to ambiance, and their food will leave you seriously impressed.  Their new location in Bethesda, Maryland is perfect for date night or a classy hang with friends.  We honestly couldn’t believe how good everything was – they literally just opened a few weeks ago, and it usually takes time for restaurants to get the hang of things, but clearly, the Pinstripes team knows what they’re doing.

We started our meal off with cocktails and a slew of appetizers.  They have a handful of unique drink offerings available so make sure you take advantage.  We tried the The Mule ($12) and Ruby & Ginger ($12) and loved both.  The former was made with titos vodka, fever tree ginger beer, fresh mint and lime, while the latter featured sandeman reserve port wine and reed’s premium ginger ale.  The Mule was refreshingly good, but the Ruby & Ginger cocktail was truly exceptional.

We got a total of four appetizers, and each and every one of them blew us away.  First up, their stuffed mushrooms ($11). These babies were made with zucchini, goat cheese, artichoke, sundried tomato, and roasted red pepper.  If you have a vegetarian in your party (or even if you don’t), these are an absolute must. They were hands down, the BEST stuffed mushrooms we’ve ever had, and that’s saying a LOT because we’re both mushroom fiends.

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The Hummus & Avocado Platter ($13) came with housemade pita and fresh veggies.  Both dips were creamy, flavorful, and big enough to share (think 2-3 people).  Don’t you just love the grill marks on their pita bread? There’s little better in life than fresh carbs – can we get an amen?

Next up, their tomato-mozzarella bruschetta ($10) with grilled ciabatta, fresh tomatoes, and mixed greens drizzled with red wine vinaigrette.  Too much yum going on in one photo!  Everything was as fresh as can be, and we appreciated all the different textures in this dish.  The crispiness of the bread complemented the creamy cheese beautifully, and the greens added a wonderful splash of color to the dish.

Last but not least, their tenderloin sliders ($16).  These were straight up unreal! They were cooked medium with bordelaise and shallot mayo and topped with truffle potato strings.  Each bite was ridiculously tasty, and the meat seriously melted in our mouths.  We were SO blown away that we couldn’t resist asking the chef about the tenderness – he humbly replied, “we just work with really fresh ingredients.”  Bravo, Pinstripes, bravo.

Next came two purdy flatbreads:  prosciutto fig and yellowfin tuna.  The former came with prosciutto, balsamic marinated fig, gorgonzola and mascarpone, and the latter came with balsamic shallots, grape tomato, marinated tuna, arugula and avocado. Both came perfectly cooked on thin, crispy crusts with the freshest of the fresh ingredients on top.  FYI, other options include: shrimp & spinach, roasted veggie, chicken & avocado club, and a handful of different pizzas.

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Then came the salads, and man oh man, they did NOT disappoint.  Who knew greens could be so exciting?  Leave it to Pinstripes to outdo everyone else with something like salad.  We tried two of their plates (Farmer’s Market & Burrata) and loved both. The Farmer’s Market came with butternut squash, pomegranate, humboldt fog cheese, grains, and was topped with a pecan vinaigrette, and the Burrata came with roasted acorn squash, organic quinoa, almond, pumpkin seed and was drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

Then, we had the pleasure of trying the following entrees: cheeseburger ($14, an extra $2 for a fried egg on top), open-face grilled salmon sandwich ($15), gnocchi & ahi tuna ($21), lasagna ($16), Italian “jambalaya” ($23), and maple glazed salmon ($27).

Their open-face salmon sandwich came on a grilled baguette with cucumber-dill yogurt and tomato bruschetta.  It came with a small side salad and extra sauce, and as you can see, the fish was cooked to perfection.  Other droolworthy sandwiches included their spicy crispy chicken and prime rib dip.

The Italian “Jambalaya” was definitely one of the more interesting dishes we tried that evening.  It came with spicy chicken, grilled shrimp, and risotto with bits of sausage and roasted pepper.  The consistency of the risotto was on point, and the chef did a fabulous job seasoning everything – just look at that shrimpy goodness!

Then came their maple-glazed salmon accompanied by organic quinoa with roasted pepper and a cucumber, tomato, avocado salad tossed in pesto.

A closer look at their Gnocchi & Ahi Tuna seasoned with arugula, cilantro, lime, garlic and calabrese vinaigrette aka magical mini-dough pillows paired with the freshest sashimi available in the DMV.

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Here’s a shot of their cheeseburger, ’nuff said.

Andddd of course, their lasagna – layers of fresh pasta baked with meat ragu, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan.  It comes out piping hot from the oven so make sure you give it a second to cool down before digging in.

We didn’t think we could eat another bite…but then dessert came!  Needless to say, we got a second wind when we saw their tiramisu and banana split sundae – both made in-house, of course.  Their Tiramisu was absolutely delicious, and we loved the cocoa nibs on top.  The crunch was a nice contrast to the airy creaminess of the cake.  The sundae was also spectacular! Ours came with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla gelato, caramelized pineapple, italian cherries, spiced pecans and was served in a housemade waffle bowl (!!!!!)  Yes, let us repeat that – a HOUSEMADE WAFFLE BOWL!  Cue the foodgasms.  Next time we’re getting Anna’s Carrot Cake and their Warm Brownie & Gelato.

Anywho, that’s it for today, fellow nomsters.  We hope you enjoyed our latest dining adventure!  Pinstripes has several different locations in the US so definitely check to see if you have one near you because their food’s seriously worth trying. Make sure you guys come back and thank us after your tummy’s happy and full from all the delicious goodness we recommended.

…you’re welcome in advance!


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