Pitango: Our New Favorite Cafe in Baltimore

Nomsters, you guys are in for an extra special treat today because we’re featuring our new favorite bakery and cafe in Baltimore.  We had heard great things about their food, but we weren’t prepared for the magic that is Pitango.  Located next to Sagamore Pendry in Fells Point, they opened this location up in 2015.

where to get baked goods in maryland

They’re all about making things fresh, so their bread + pastries are made in-house daily.  On top of that, they roast their own veggies and import top notch ingredients like proscuitto di parma directly from Italy.  They roll and bake HUNDREDS of croissants every day, and once you taste one, you’ll understand why they need to make so many.  Their almond croissant was seriously one of the best things we’ve ever devoured – more on that later though!  Let’s take a quick look at some behind-the-scenes shots before talking food.

best bakery in maryland

above:  a corner of their impeccably clean kitchen || below:  freshly baked bread straight out of the oven

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where to get baked goods in baltimorebest bakery in baltimore

above:  a new holiday loaf they’re experimenting with || below:  baguette perfection

best breads at pitango

So. Many. Croissants.

Pitango bakery in fells point

After touring their kitchen, we sat down and looked over their menu.  We were hangry at that point so we ordered several different things and shared…like we always do, ha.  They had an impressive sandwich + salad list so it took us a while to figure out what we wanted, but we eventually went with their Red and Porchetta sandwiches, and their beet salad.  On top of that, we got a cruffin, a coffee, a cappuccino, an almond croissant, a fruit tart, a pumpkin cheesecake, and two cookies (one chewy almond cookie and one chocolate crackle cookie).

…we were hungry, don’t judge! Ha.

Pitango cruffins

We started our meal off with their cruffin, and holy freaking crap guys.  We can’t even.  We’re still dreaming about this pastry, and it’s been a hot minute.  Whoever said, “money doesn’t buy happiness,” obviously didn’t go to Pitango because this cruffin would’ve brought them happiness.  Buttery, flakey, crispy goodness filled with the perfect amount of cream.  Oh cruffin(s), we love you, and we’re coming back for you.

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Pitango beet salad

Then came our main dishes:

  • Beet salad ($10) – featuring house-roasted beets, mixed greens, tomato, feta, walnuts, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Red sandwich ($11) – with proscuitto di parma, fresh mozzarella, avocado on tomato focaccia.
  • Porchetta ($11) – house roasted porchetta, charred rd onion, salsa verde, and asiago served hot-pressed.

Pitango sandwiches

The beet salad was the epitome of fresh.  For $10, we got a massive, and we mean MASSIVE, salad that was easily two meals.  You can’t tell portion size by the pic above, but it was like a never-ending bowl.  It had HUGE chunks of beet and tomato (which we loved), and the dressing complemented it beautifully.  The red sandwich (pictured above & below) was our fave out of the three mains we got.  The tomato focaccia was stupid good, and the prosciutto was absolutely delicious.  It was such a good call to pair it with fresh mozzarella and avocado.

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Pitango rd sandwichPitango paninis

above:  their porchetta panini || below:  what their house roasted porchetta looks like pre-sandwich

Pitango porchettaPitango coffee

above:  pretty cappuccino art || below:  a fruit tart that’s almost too pretty to eat

Pitango fruit tartPitango bakery and cafe

above:  almond croissant porn || below: pumpkin cheesecake

Pitango pumpkin cheesecake

As far as sweets go, the cruffin, chocolate crackle cookie and almond croissant trump all.  The pumpkin cheesecake and fruit tart were good, but the aforementioned desserts were standouts.  So, what’s the moral of our latest blog post? Head on over to Pitango STAT and eat everything, ha.  In all seriousness though, if you’re a fan of prosciutto, get their red sandwich.  And if you’re a fan of food (aka everyone), get a cruffin and an almond croissant because you will be in heaven, like you’ll hear angels singing while you get your nom on.

Happy eating, Nomsters!  PS.  If you don’t live in or near Balti, they have other locations, too – click here to see where.



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