Eating Through Portland: 9 Must Try Restaurants in Maine

Whether you want to immerse yourself in nature or enjoy the flourishing arts scene, Portland, Maine’s a wonderful place to explore with loved ones, especially since it has so many nom options available in the city.  Here are a list of restaurants we loved on our latest trip – feel free to use it to plan your itinerary or share it with someone who’d benefit because sharing is caring, Nomsters…

1.  High Roller

high roller lobster grilled cheese

Three words:  lobster grilled cheese.  Served on english muffin loaf with gooey jarlsberg and cabot, High Roller’s grilled sammy contains chunks of succulent lobster that’s so delicious, you may shed tears of joy.  Get it with a side of lime mayo for a truly satisfying meal that’ll hit the spot.

That’s not all though!  They have everything from lobstah tacos to fried lobby pops so get your splurge on.  And by the way, fries are non-negotiable.  They’re seasoned with Old Bay and served with a side of curried ketchup so that’s a must because what’s a sandwich with no fries? Sadness. They also have an impressive drink menu featuring beer from local breweries so go all out.

old bay fries

2.  Mami

mami poke bowl

Craving Japanese food in Portland?  You’ll be happy to know that Mami’s got your back.  After trying their food, it comes as no surprise that they were recently awarded the title of “Best Japanese Restaurant in Portland.”

Chef Austin Miller and his wife Hana Tamaki originally started their business as a food truck, but due to their immense popularity, they’ve since expanded to a brick and mortar location on 339 Fore Street.

mami portland

Must try dishes include their okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake of sorts, made with pork belly, seasonal veggies, cabbage, and other magic), their poke don (a vibrant rice bowl with fresh salmon, avo, cucumbers, and more) and their nikuman (housemade steamed buns stuffed with the freshest protein available).  This fast casual spot has a trendy vibe to it, and it’s a great place to grab a quick meal on the go or enjoy date night.

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mami pork buns

3.  HiFi Donuts

hifi donuts

Looking to indulge your sweet tooth?  Head to HiFi donuts for noms that will seriously impress.  They have three different kinds available (yeast, cake and cruller), and you can’t go wrong with anything you get.

Whether you want to stick with a classic or try something a bit more adventurous, they got your back.  On top of 30+ flavors, they have a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu with affordable sandwiches that will leave your tummy oh so satisfied.  Pro tip:  try their Peri Peri chicken or their breaded eggplant!

hifi donut hifi eggplant sandwich hifi lobster roll

4.  The Holy Donut

holy donut

IMHO, HiFi Donuts has the best donuts in Portland, but if you’re vegetarian/vegan, you won’t be able to indulge since they fry their donuts in lard so I’m listing Holy Donut as an alternative.

They’re known for their potato donuts, and they have a solid selection of veg & gluten free options available.  They sell out often so make sure you get there earlier than later, and note that each location closes once they’re out of donuts so you may want to call in advance.

potato donuts

5.  Suga Suga

suga suga macarons

If you love macarons, you need to try Suga Suga, no ifs, ands or buts.  Tara, the beautiful owner, sells French macarons and cookie sammies with a twist – think unique flavors like cider donut, maple ginger and more – at Fork Food Lab.  She bakes everything fresh each morning in small batches to ensure quality, and it makes all the difference in the world.

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suga suga macarons

6.  Eventide Oyster Co

eventide lobster roll

There’s a reason why everyone and their mom raves about Eventide.  Located on 86 Middle Street, their food will give you all the feels…and you’ll most likely have to wait for a table because they’re always busy.  It’ll all be worth it when you bite into their famous brown butter lobster roll though!  It’s small so you’ll finish it in 3-4 bites, but it’s so worth the money.

eventide oysters

Is it the best lobster roll in Portland? TBD, but it’s pretty damn good.  Other must try dishes are their fried Maine oysters and their Maine lobster stew.  Both were delicious, but the stew was phenomenal.  If you enjoy Asian flavors, you definitely need to order a bowl for yourself because the coconut and green curry notes were out of this world.

eventide lobster stew

7.  Eaux

eaux shrimp and grits

Pronounced “oh,” this restaurant specializes in cajun cuisine and is a local industry favorite.  The space is fairly small, but the ambiance is intimate, warm and inviting.  Their menu’s short and sweet, but everything listed is gold.

They’re known for their chicken and waffles, but they do a mean sweet corn bread and shrimp & city grits.  Like Mami and High Roller, Eaux first got its start as a food truck, and chef Evan Richardson’s been (unsurprisingly) killing the game.

eaux corn bread

8.  Gross Confection Bar


This dessert bar is everything and then some.  The vibe’s romantic, sexy and magical all rolled into one.  Plus, it smells like unicorns and rainbows when you walk in so you know you’re in for something truly special right off the bat.

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Their menu is so on point that it’s hard to choose, but you have the option of getting tasting boards.  If you’re planning to order a la carte, their pistachio profiterole and their brown butter carrot cake were both exceptional.  Suffice it to say, presentation was on point, and everything tasted just as delicious as it looked.  Pro tip:  go during their happy hour (5-7PM) to get select desserts for $5 a pop!

carrot cake gross confection

9.  Sichuan Kitchen

portland sichuan kitchen

Who knew Portland, ME had such great Sichuan food?  Located on 612 Congress Street, their noms will light your tastebuds on fire!  Most of their dishes can be prepared sans meat so bring your vegan friends with you.

Recommendations are as follows:  their veggie dumplings, (stuffed with shitake mushrooms, cabbage and noodles, served in chili oil), mapo tofu, spicy sour soup noodles and poached fish in fiery sauce.  For those of you looking to get max bang for your buck, get their lunch combination:  one entree + one side dish for $10.  They also have bomb happy hour deals so take advantage and go between 2:30-6, Monday through Friday and all day Sunday.

veggie dumplings mapo tofu

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite places in Portland, ME.  Have you visited yet?  If yes, share your recommendations below!  And if you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out “Eating Through Las Vegas,” “Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Korea,” and “The Best Restaurants in Tampa, FL” as well.


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