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Q by Peter Chang: Spicy AF Chinese Food in Bethesda

Peter Chang restaurants always slap, and Q’s no different.

Located in downtown Bethesda, the Q stands for Qijian, which translates to “flagship” in Chinese. This chic restaurant oozes elegance with spicy AF cuisine that will light your taste buds on fire.

With everything from dim sum to peking duck, this establishment’s bound to leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

It’s been a minute since we last enjoyed Q in person, so suffice it to say, we were beyond excited to get our fix.

Although they offer lunch specials during the week, we opted to order off their dinner menu instead because we were high key craving some of their “larger” staples.

We kicked our meal off with an order of their scallion bubble pancake to start.

There’s just something so magical about the texture, and it comes with this delectable curry based dipping sauce.  Definitely get this because fried dough is always a good idea, whether you’re hungry or not.

For mains, we got their mapo tofu, Yangtze river beef and wagyu beef lomein.

The mapo came sizzling over a flame, and they were heavy handed on the spice, which we personally loved.  It had broccoli in it which was interesting, and it ended up adding an extra bit of texture to the entree which was much appreciated.

Highly recommend.

Next up, their Yangtze river beef.  We didn’t get a great photo of this dish so we’re just going to describe it for you guys.

It’s a huge pot of boiling goodness filled with meat, vermicelli noodz and peppers, both jalapeño and Thai chili.

Marked 5 stars (in regards to heat), this dish is THE spiciest option available at Q. At least for now.

When they first opened, this was easily THE most memorable dish we had.  It’s nowhere near as spicy as it was, but it’s still delicious.

If you’re not a fan of the whole numbing sensation, you’ll probably want to pass on this.  Love spicy?  Then definitely give this a go, and ask them to go HAM on peppers.

We honestly should’ve because it wasn’t hot enough for us, but then again, we’re psychos when it comes to spicy, so we’re biased.

Then came the wagyu beef lomein.  We love, love, LOVE carbs so this was an absolute must!

The meat was tender and flavorful, and the noodles were nice and chewy, just the way we like ’em.

Next time, we’re getting the braised lobster with jade noodle or dandan.

For those of you looking to enjoy some delicious Chinese food in Bethesda, make sure to hit up Q to indulge.

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Until next time, Nomsters.  Eat all the things!

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