The Ready Room featuring Josiah Dells’ Smokin’ & Jokin’

We are so, SO excited to share Chris Singlemann’s first video for Nomtastic Foods!  We’re not sure if you guys are aware, but we recently added two new contributors to our team, and trust us when we say they’re the  We shared a sneak peek of this video on our instagram, but here’s the full thang featuring Josiah Dells and his badass cocktail, Smokin’ & Jokin’.

josiah dells ready room

ready room smokin' and jokin'

Anddd in case you missed it, make sure you guys check out Lily’s first official recipe post for us featuring a delish shortcut short rib pho.  We have a lot of exciting content planned over the next few weeks so definitely check back often, Nomsters.  For more on Baltimore noms, click here!

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