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Recipe: Mushy Peas on Toast

Here’s another recipe that’s great for that lockdown lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve settled into your home cafe routine by becoming an expert at making the viral dalgona coffee…but what you really need to complete that cafe experience is a nice, vibrant piece of avocado toast. But if you’ve plowed through your stash of fresh avocados, do not despair because we’ve got something that might just be even better—and it uses that bag of frozen peas that we know you probably already have at the bottom of your freezer.

Peas are one of the most successful veggies at retaining their flavor and brightness when frozen. The mushy pea spread in this recipe is wonderfully sweet and a gorgeous green that would give avocado mash a run for its money. Peas are also crazy good for you, loaded with protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. This recipe is great right now, when we are trying to make the most of what’s in our freezers and cupboards, but we’re hoping to make mushy peas on toast a thing even after it’s safe to go back outside.

Smear this mushy pea spread on top of a slice of your favorite toast and that home cafe experience will be good to go! However, we also encourage you to get creative with whatever toppings you like. For these photos, we rustled up a poached egg, some packaged smoked salmon, homegrown microgreens, everything seasoning, and some sliced radishes.

Mushy Peas on Toast

(Makes 2 loaded toasts)

Bring a small pot of water to a gentle boil and add a pinch of salt. Add frozen peas and boil until plump. Reserve 1/4 cup water and drain the peas.

Add half of the peas to a food processor along with butter, greek yogurt, and 1 tbsp of the reserved hot water. Process until smooth, adding a tiny bit more of the hot water if needed. Add the rest of the peas and pulse a few times.

Spread the mushy peas onto your toast, and top with other ingredients if desired.

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