RegionAle: Where to get the Best Sandwiches in Canton

Not gonna lie, we had no idea we were gonna like RegionAle this much.  We thought they were just another sandwich joint, but we were wrong; so, so, SO very wrong. Located at 2400 Boston St in Canton, they’re currently open for indoor and outdoor dining from 11-8PM daily, and trust us when we say you need to go stat.

regionale chicken sandwich

They specialize in sandwiches, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  With everything from Philly cheesesteaks to cubanos, expect delicious food for affordable prices.  Their entire menu’s under $12 so both your tummy and wallet will leave happy and satisfied.

We highly recommend their Nashville Hot Chicken and their New York Italian Hero.  The former’s served on a potato bun with hot sauce, arugula, pickles, and garlic aioli, while the latter’s prosciutto, capicola, salami, fresh mozz, arugula, onion, tomato, fresh basil and red wine vinaigrette on ciabatta.

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regionale sandwich

Can’t choose between the two?  Both are equally amazing, but if we HAD to pick, we’d go with their chicken sammie.  It was easily one of the best chicken sandwiches we’ve ever had in Maryland.  The chicken was juicy yet crispy as can be.  The hot sauce was spicy but not a crazy burn-your-mouth kind of hot.  The pickles added to the sandwich’s crunch, and the garlic aioli added dimension to the already flavorful handheld.

regionale chicken

Enjoy it with an order of their house-made chips for the perfect lunch!  Available flavors include salt and pepper, old bay, salt and vinegar and sweet potato.

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regionale chips

Prefer a different side?  Their broccoli shred’s fantastic!  It’s tossed in a lemon vinaigrette with pepper flakes and parmesan.  This was straight up addicting!

regionale broccoli shred

They use copious amounts of cheese so it’s probably not as healthy as you’d imagine, at least from the damn, but it’s damn good, and we can pretty  much guarantee that you’ll enjoy it whether you like broccoli or not.

Prefer greens for your meal?  They offer 3 different kinds:  mixed greens, crunchy kale salad and baby arugula.  We got one to share, and it tasted like summer.  Made with fresh strawberries, goat cheese, onions, and almonds, their baby arugula was perfection!  Think fresh greens accompanied by two sides of their red wine vinaigrette.  Simple and beautiful.

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regionale salad

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading all about RegionAle today – let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out our Maryland tab for more.

For those of you looking to indulge at home, they offer delivery via Doordash and Grubhub.  If you prefer pickup, give them a call at (667) 210-2780!  And FYI, they also have another location in Ellicott City so if that’s closer, by all means.   Until next time, Nomsters!  Eat all the things.


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