Reren: The Best Spicy Wontons in DC

Reren Killing the Game with their Chili Oil

Guys, we know the title reads “the best spicy wontons in DC,” but it should really read, “the best spicy wontons and dan dan noodles in DC.”  It’s been a minute since we last hit them up, but we plan to change that very soon.  We’re very picky about spice so finding a solid chili oil has been a struggle.  Lucky for us, Reren knows what’s up.  They have THE best chili oil we’ve ever tasted.  Yes, it’s a bold statement, but we stand behind it 200%.  It has just the right amount of heat, and it’s flavorful AF.  If they don’t bring it out with your meal, definitely make sure to ask for it because it’s a game changer.  And once you have it, put it on EVERYTHING!

reren dc

What we ordered for lunch at Reren:

  • ChengDu Spicy Wonton ($8): 8 pork wontons topped with scallions, sesame seeds and drenched in chili oil.
  • Grandma’s Style Pancake ($6):  2 pancakes made with beef, egg, ginger, scallions and red peppers.
  • Bun’s Sandwich ($7):  2 pork belly or chicken buns with hoisin sauce, scallions, and cucumber.
  • Shanghai Steamed Soup Bao ($7):  6 pork bao served with scallions and ginger.
  • Reren Signature Lamen ($10):  ramen served their signature broth served with pork belly, tea egg and various greens.
  • Dan-Dan Noodles ($13):  noodz served with ground pork, organic veggies, scallions, and peanuts.
  • Singapore Style Baby Rack Ribs ($18):  marinated pork ribs roasted in curry served with onions.
  • Double Fly Pork Belly ($16):  thinly sliced pork belly served with long horn peppers, onions and other rich spices, served with 3 buns.
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reren spicy wontons

Although we thoroughly – and we mean thoroughly – enjoyed our meal at Reren, there were some noes, like we probably wouldn’t get the pork belly (pictured below) or ribs again.  They were fine, but they didn’t blow us away like their noodles or wontons did.  We’re down to try other entrees in the future though because Salt & Pepper Prawns and Uyghur Cumin Lamb sound incredible.

reren chinese food

Reren:  The Best Ramen in DC?

Let’s take a closer look at their signature lamen! There’s a reason why Reren made our “Best Ramen in DC” roundup.  At $10, this was a serious deal, and we totally understand why Thrifty Spoon chose to feature them.  We personally liked their dan-dan noodz exponentially more, but that’s just us.  We recommend ordering both and sharing because…well, do you really need a reason why?  Yolo friends.

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reren best ramenMust-try Dishes at Reren

We can’t even begin to tell you guys how much we enjoyed their Dan-Dan Noodles (pictured below) and Spicy Wontons.  Both are absolute must-tries, like we would roadtrip to DC for these dishes!  The noodz were cooked to chewy perfection, and they came with hella toppings.  The ground pork was seasoned beautifully, and the peanut-to-nood ratio was on point.

Make sure you mix everything together thoroughly and don’t be shy with their bomb chili oil – scroll up to see what the bowl looked like straight out of the kitchen.  Moving onto their wontons – these babies were FIRE.  You’re definitely gonna want to get an order for yourself because once you eat one, you’re not gonna want to share.  Drench these babies in extra chili oil for more heat!

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reren dan dan noodles

Additional Information about Reren:

They’re located on 817 7th Street NW, and open Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 10:30AM-12AM, and from 10:30AM-2AM on Friday and Saturday.  They make healthy, authentic Asian dishes with NO MSG or artificial flavors, and everything from noodles to dumplings are made in-house.  Happy eating, Nomsters!  Make sure to visit us again soon, and remember to browse our DC tab for more droolworthy restaurant features.


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