Roll Up Creamery: Ice Cream with a Twist

Ice cream has seen many forms since its creation, but rolled like a Fruit Roll-Up or Fruit By the Foot??… Did we just date ourselves? Anyways, YES, Roll Up Creamery & Cafe at 3092 16th St in San Francisco does just that! But that’s not all. They also offer amazing soft serve ice cream and they’re darn good at making the perfect swirl on your cone.

And hold up, if rolling ice cream wasn’t cool enough already, check out the different ways you can prepare your Roll Up!

Donut bun. You heard right. Donut bun with whipped cream and whatever toppings you want. We went with ube ice cream (recommended!), and added on whipped cream, Oreo’s, wafers, and mochi. SO bomb it’s kind of ridiculous.  If you’ve got the need – the need for sweets, then the donut bun option is the choice for you, hands down.

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Two of our favorite worlds just collided and had a food baby and we could not be happier for them. Taco, meet ice cream – ice cream, meet taco. We asked for the chef’s recommendation on this one and he came back with this bad boy – matcha ice cream with whipped cream, Oreo’s, blueberries, strawberries, and rainbow sprinkles. The fruit definitely compliments the matcha and we’d recommend this combo if you’re looking for something refreshing!

In a hurry or just need something refreshing and delicious? Soft serve is always an amazing choice, but something about the texture and the flavors at Roll Up Creamery & Cafe make it seem especially good. You can choose between Ube, Fior Di Latte (sweetened cream flavor), or Swirl (both swirled together). We went with the swirl with Oreo’s on top and good lord was it tasty. We’d go back just for the soft serve alone, but then we’d have a dilemma upon arrival and seeing the rest of the menu.

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Roll Up Creamery & Cafe has tons of bomb ice cream, uses unique presentation, it’s a chill spot with plenty of room to sit, and is located conveniently right in the Mission District of SF. With the uncharacteristically hot weather we’ve been having in the city, you should definitely head on over if you’re craving something cold, sweet and awesome.

Till next time, Nomsters!


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