Ruthie’s All Day: The Best Brunch in Arlington

Are those fighting words?  For real though, Ruthie’s can do no wrong, and we’re convinced they have the best brunch in Arlington, EASY.  This all day “diner” is an absolute gem, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing their food yet, you need to go ASAP.

Ruthie's All Day brunch

There’s so much to love, but if we had to choose our top 3 dishes, they’d be as follows:  their fried chicken biscuit, apple donuts, and apple pie pancakes.  Whether you go by yourself or with friends, these plates are a must, no ifs, ands or buts.

ruthie's apple donuts

These donuts are technically a “starter,” but they’re great for dessert, and they travel beautifully, too.  Served with a side of raspberry jam, these babies are fried fresh, and they’re melt in your mouth delicious.  Think light, fluffy, and coated with just the right amount of sugary goodness.

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fried chicken biscuit

Next up, their fried chicken biscuit.  Oh god almighty, this was easily one of the best chicken “sammies” we’ve ever had, no cap.  The biscuit alone was to die for, and the chicken was so big, we legit gasped when it came out.  Doused in aleppo-honey and accompanied by a side of fruit, this $10 handheld will undoubtedly be the best $10 you spend all weekend.

Finallllly, their apple pie pancakes.  And just like that, they knock it out of the park again!  We sound like a broken record, but these pancakes were unreal, truly.  Topped with whipped cream and maple poached apples, there was just something so special about the batter.

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apple pie pancakes

The texture was out of this world, and we honestly couldn’t get enough.  And we’re not even that into sweet breakfast entrees – this was crazy delicious though.  Highly, HIGHLY recommend – just make sure you save room for dessert because their cookies slay.

With that said, we can’t wait to go back from dinner because their food’s obviously going to be incredible.  If you’re looking for a new brunch spot in A-town, you’re welcome.  If you’ve already been, leave us a comment below so we can rave with y’all.  For more on delish VA eats, click here, and stay tuned for more nom content coming your way.

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