Sajj Mediterranean: Must Try Wraps and Bowls

What’s up, Nomsters! Sajj Mediterranean is a spot we love going to time and time again for a couple reasons. First off, the food is super bomb! Second, the amount of food you get for the price (especially in the custom bowls) is fantastic and we never leave hungry – most of the time we can’t even finish. And third, we’ve had top notch experiences at every location we’ve been to across the bay in terms of service and the staff. For something like this to happen, it has to be a cultural thing that starts at the top, so we definitely want to call it out since that’s definitely not our experience at every restaurant that has multiple locations.

The way ordering works is you move down a cafeteria style line and let the person behind the counter know what you’d like and the ingredients you want added to your selection. First, you choose your meat (or falafel if meat isn’t your thing). Next, you choose how you want it prepared – in pita bread, Sajj wrap, salad bowl, rice bowl, or freekeh bowl. You then pick a spread out of hummus, garlic sauce, and tzatziki. After that you choose your toppings, and finally select a side out of falafel, french fries, pita chips, lentil soup, and pita bread. Check out the menu on their website for a prettier outline of all this.

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With the process out of the way, let’s get into what we tried! 👇👇👇

What to order at Sajj Mediterranean:

Custom Rice Bowl

This may look like a whole cluster of random ingredients, but no matter what you add to your custom bowl it will always taste amazing. You’ve got to give credit to the amazing minds behind the menu for putting that much thought into the ingredients and how they’re prepared. We decided to throw in garbanzo beans, sumac cauliflower, tomato cucumber salad, sumac onions, cabbage slaw, diced beets, fresh mint leaves, and tahini sauce. We know we went a little crazy on this one, but it all sounded so good, and it did not disappoint one bit.

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If rice isn’t your thing, you can also opt for a salad base or freekeh base, which are both solid options, and we can pretty much guarantee that you will be totally full and satisfied after chowing down on one of these.

Sajj Mediterranean Rice Bowl Flat Lay

Sajj Mediterranean Rice Bowl with Drink

Sajj Mediterranean Rice Bowl Close up

Sajj Wrap

Not a whole lot more to say about this wrap from Sajj Mediterranean, but it’s freakin’ delicious. You have all the same options as in the rice bowl in terms of choosing your meat/falafel and adding other toppings, but this is just in wrap form instead of thrown into a bowl. We thoroughly enjoyed this just as much as the bowl, so it’s your call depending on which method of consuming you like more!

Sajj Mediterranean Wrap Opened up


We chose their house-made hummus for our spread and it was great, especially with the spices on top! We mostly used it with the pita chips we ordered (more on that below), and it was the perfect combo. The only negative we found was that you don’t really get a lot, so you may have to dip a little sparingly to make it last through all your chips.

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Sajj Hummus

Pita Chips

Holy cow. The pita chips may not look like much, but they’re packed with so much flavor that you seriously don’t even need the spread. On many occasions we’ve just ordered these pita chips on our way by and eaten them straight up. They don’t mention how they’re prepared on their website, but they seem to be cooked in oil and mixture of spices. Either way, it all culminates in one of our favorite side dishes of late.

Sajj Mediterranean Wrap Flat lay

Lentil Soup

We like to use Sajj Mediterranean’s lentil soup as the closer to the meal. For a fast casual spot, the quality of the soup is actually fantastic. It’s flavorful, thick, rich and creamy, and if you manage to drink it while it’s still hot, it’s the perfect way to wash everything down.

Sajj Lentil Soup

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