Sam & Curry: Roti Tacos and Tikka Burritos??

You read that headline right! Sam & Curry is located in San Jose, CA and it’s one of the cooler finds we’ve stumbled across in the fast-casual scene in the Bay Area. We had featured Sam & Curry on our Instagram in early 2021, but they decided to temporarily close their doors for much of the year due to the pandemic. Luckily, as of October 2021, they had their grand re-opening and the food is still as innovative as it is delightful! Here are our top picks from their menu.

Roti Tacos

We’ve been to some other places that do Indian-inspired tacos, but none so far that use roti. For those that may not be familiar, roti is a flatbread made by stone grinding whole wheat flour. Using it as the “tortilla” is amazing because of it’s buttery flavor and fluffy texture. And the roti goes perfectly with the other ingredients since everything is from the Indian palette.

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The way it works is you just choose what filling you want in each of the three tacos (chicken tikka, lamb curry, shrimp curry, paneer tikka, or saag), and then your sauce (kachumbar salsa, cilantro chutney, tamarind chutney, or red chili chutney), and finally top it off with your choice of toppings (romaine lettuce, raita/yogurt, chili lime corn, and/or fresh jalapeños and onions). We tried a whole bunch of combinations as you can see below, and you really can’t go wrong. We love spicy food so the fresh jalapeños and onions was probably our favorite!

Rice Bowl

If you need a less messy or more portable option, their rice bowls are also super tasty! The process is basically the same as the tacos, but you start with a bowl of rice and add whatever you’d like on top of that. We enjoyed the fact that the rice does a better job of soaking up all the sauces and flavors than the roti, so you really get a flavor explosion in your mouth with every bite. By the recommendation of Sam himself, he added a combination of all the sauces into our rice bowl, and let’s just say the man knows his stuff. Somehow he crafted all the sauces to be complimentary to each other. How many other places that you’ve been to could combine all their sauces and have the food taste incredible?

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