Scoma’s Restaurant: Legendary Seafood in San Francisco

What’s up, Nomsters! We tend to show a lot of love to new places that open up, but there are some restaurants that have stood the test of time – literally having been around for decades – and which have become part of the city and culture itself. One of these landmark restaurants is Scoma’s Restaurant and they’ve been serving the city top quality seafood sourced from local fishermen since 1965. They have been in the same spot in Fisherman’s Wharf the whole time, and as an SF native, I have memories of eating there as a kid, and my parents have been going since the 70’s. Any spot that’s been around for this long, especially in a competitive food scene like SF, has stuck around for a reason – great quality and top notch service. Seriously, the staff is awesome! Anyways, here are some of my recs for when you go!

Weekend Brunch

To start off, Scoma’s is now doing weekend brunch on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and it’s delicious. We tried the avocado toast with smoked trout, the fully loaded English muffin with smoked salmon, spring onion, capers, marscapone, and herbs, and the egg and sausage sandwich with sausage, egg, cheese, and spicy honey butter. It was all light and refreshing, and their outdoor seating was really pleasant with the sun out!

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Hot Sampler Trio for Two

This has got to be my favorite starter at Scoma’s Restaurant! When it comes to calamari, one thing I look out for is how oily it is on the plate. So many places serve it dripping in oil to the point where it pools underneath and makes the bottom pieces soggy, but not here! Their calamari is seriously amazing and cooked to perfection. Just look at that crispy goodness. Next on the plate is bacon-wrapped scallops… need I say more? With scallops, it’s really common to overcook them so they come out all rubbery, but the ones at Scoma’s are virtually melt-in-your-mouth with a nice little sear on the outside. Finally, their crab cakes are delicious as well. They’re just crispy enough on the outside and soft and warm on the inside, and the fresh crab used really makes a difference.

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Scoma's Restaurant Hot Sampler Trio for Two

Local Crab Bisque

I’m all about anything bisque, and Scoma’s Restaurant’s Local Crab Bisque is one of my favorites! The flavor and spices really pop, and I always appreciate not having to work for my crab meat. This is a phenomenal choice for a starter if you’re looking for something with a rich, bold flavor, but that won’t fill you up.

Scoma's Restaurant - Local Crab Bisque

Linguini Con Vongole

Did I mention that I like cheese? I almost completely covered the pasta (sorry, not sorry), but you can still see the wonderfulness underneath. This one is also known as “Pasta alla Scoma” so you know if their name is behind it that it’s going to be something special. It’s made with Manila clams in a rich broth of garlic, onions, white wine, and butter. The linguini is nice and springy, the clams are always fresh, and garlic makes everything better.

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Scoma's Restaurant Linguini Con Vongole

“Line Caught” Wild Cod

I feel a bit like a broken record, but the wild cod was surprisingly tender, even with the pan sear on the outside. Complimenting the fish is fingerling potatoes, spring onion puree, seasonal vegetables, and Meyer lemon aioli. They actually rotate in different veggies depending on what’s in season, too, so it’s like a new dish if you go at different times of the year!

Scoma's Restaurant Line Caught Wild Cod

Many new “trendy” food spots have some sort of gimmick to get you in the door, and sometimes it feels like they focus more on that than the food itself. But there’s 100% something to be said about a place like Scoma’s Restaurant, which puts quality as well as sourcing from and helping local businesses first. There’s no gimmick needed when your food speaks for itself. Definitely give them a try and let us know what you think on our Instagram! Till next time, Nomsters!

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