SF’s Scoma’s Launches New Brunch Menu

Nomsters! We’re super pumped because we just recently tried out Scoma’s new weekend brunch menu, and it was seriously delicious. Not only that, but their outdoor patio seating right by the water made for a really pleasant experience on a warm San Francisco morning. Scoma’s has been a San Francisco mainstay for incredible, locally-sourced seafood since the 1960’s, and if you’ve never been, check out our full post on our dinner experience with them here.

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to see what new dishes they added to their menu, and without further delay, let’s get to the goods!

Hot-smoked Trout and Avocado Toast

First off, we tried their Hot-smoked Trout and Avocado Toast, which is accompanied by citrus vinaigrette and market peaches. Right off the bat, we noticed that the plating was beautifully done. You get an ample amount of trout and avocado, and we really liked the fact that the avocado was sliced rather than mushed up and spread onto the bread. As huge avocado fans, nothing beats sinking your teeth into a big hunk of avocado (see the second image below).

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At first glance, you might think you’re looking at smoked salmon, and in fact, this was probably the first time we tried smoked trout. Despite loving smoked salmon (on bagels with cream cheese, anyone?), We might actually like smoked trout more! While not being quite as flavorful as the salmon, it almost melted in your mouth and was much easier to bite through since it just falls apart.

The peaches and salad were light and refreshing and perfectly complimented the toast, however the peaches were a little less sweet than we would have hoped. But overall, it was a fantastic meal and we’d definitely order it again!

Egg and Sausage Sandwich

The Egg and Sausage Sandwich was a definite highlight of the morning. Scoma’s crafts this one with eggs, Hobbs’ fennel sausage, cheese, and spicy honey butter all placed between an english muffin. Don’t even think of comparing this to a Sausage Egg McMuffin because this one is on an entirely higher level. The large sausage was juicy and packed with flavor, the freshly cooked egg was light and fluffy, the spicy honey butter added a subtle kick and touch of sweetness, and the melted cheese fused everything together. We highly recommend you try this when you go!

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Fully Loaded English Muffin

While this was our least favorite of the day, it was still a phenomenal dish that should definitely be your go-to if you’re all about smoked salmon. This dish is made with Hobbs’ smoked salmon and mascarpone on an english muffin and topped with spring onions, capers, and herbs. The capers add a tangy and salty flavor that goes well with the smokiness of the salmon, and the mascarpone helps to balance out those stronger flavors.

Also, normally we don’t get especially excited about breakfast potatoes, but these were outstanding! We’re not even sure how they were seasoned, but we couldn’t stop eating them once we started. They also come with the Egg and Sausage Sandwich, so that’s another reason to get one of these dishes when you go!

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We also tried two of Scoma’s cocktails – the Bloody Mary and the mimosa – and we really enjoyed both. The Bloody Mary was full of flavor and was definitely much heavier than the light and refreshing mimosa, so your decision will probably come down to how hungry you are. But sipping on one of these while lounging on the dock next to the water under your table umbrella is a guaranteed good time!

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