Siam Nara: Amazing Thai Food in San Diego

If you love Thai food, then you need to try Siam Nara in the Mira Mesa neighborhood of San Diego! The dishes created by Chef Suree are as delicious as they are beautiful.

The presentation of the food is top notch and their service is great, as well.  Although they just closed for dine in since they do not have any outdoor dining space, they are still open for takeout every day from 11am-10pm!

What to order at Siam Nara

Drink Specials: Butterfly Pea Lemonade and Ginger Bael Tea

These drinks were stunning and came with beautiful garnishes and flowers in a metal bowl with ice and a separate glass bottle so that you can pour the drink into the cup.

I loved the gorgeous purple color of the butterfly pea lemonade — I thought this drink was going to be overly sweet but it was only lightly sweetened. Although both teas were delicious, I actually preferred the ginger bael tea, which was perfectly light and refreshing.

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Suree’s Appetizer Platter:

Next I tried Suree’s Platter, which consisted of satay chicken, egg rolls, rainbow shrimp, Thai wraps, a curry puff and fried tofu. The platter itself was beautiful and I loved being able to sample each appetizer. My favorites were the rainbow shrimp (marinated shrimp wrapped with fried egg noodles) and the chicken satay. 

Thai Golden Cups (Kratong Thong):

We also ordered the Thai golden cups (kratong thong) as an appetizer from Siam Nara and they were absolutely delicious – I had never had anything like them before.

It’s minced chicken and sweet corn in a thin edible cup. The cup itself was perfectly light and crispy – very tasty and would highly recommend these as an appetizer.

Pla Yum Mamuang:

I am usually not a big fan of fish dishes but the server at Siam Nara recommend the pla yum mamuang, which is a crispy golden fish fillet served with a green mango salad.

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I am so glad that the server recommended this because this dish was wonderful. The fish was cooked just right – tender and moist on the inside and lightly breaded on the outside.

Khao Soi Duck:

The khao soi duck from Siam Nara was my favorite dish that I ate here. Khao soi is a dish from northern Thailand that many typical Thai places don’t often have. It’s a type of coconut curry noodle soup.

The khao soi curry was to die for – I could literally put it on anything! It also comes with egg noodles that soak in the delicious sauce.

Hawaiian Fried Rice:

I loved that this dish came served in a pineapple! This stir fried rice dish is made with egg, shrimp, chicken, pineapple, cashews, raisins and cilantro. The cashews add a great crunchy texture to the dish, and the pineapple and raisins add a little bit of a sweetness.


I’m usually pretty basic and get mango sticky rice for dessert at Thai places but I decided to branch out and try something different this time.  The bananarama consists of golden fried egg rolls stuffed with banana, frosty cream cheese and caramel, and a scoop of ice cream. Even though I was completely stuffed by this point, I couldn’t stop myself from eating this dessert!

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Written by Nomtastic Foods contributor, Robin Tan.  Follow her on instagram to see more from her delicious adventures in San Diego, and stay tuned for more scrumptious content coming your way.

Note:  Siam Nara’s known for their presentation so dine-in is recommended, but due to COVID, they’re only offering takeout at this time.  It’s more important than ever to support our local food scene during these tough times so if you can, please consider ordering food to go!  They’re open from 11AM-10PM daily, and you can order from them directly online here.


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