SnackMagic, The Must Try Snack Service: Review + Discount

Nomsters, we hope you’re excited because we’re about to tell you about one of the dopest snack services ever to have existed.  If you’re looking to treat yourself or give someone a delicious gift, make sure to bookmark this stat.  No subscription’s required, and they offer free shipping nationwide!

So, what makes SnackMagic so special?  They allow peeps to customize their boxes with all sorts of exciting goodies.  And as much as we love Oreos, the treats available on their site are WAY more interesting – think unique, hard-to-find snacks that will bring joy to frands of all ages.  Choose from 500+ treats from all around the world with lots of diet and allergy friendly options.

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Not every item from our first box was a winner, but we definitely enjoyed sampling them all.  We were a little overwhelmed so we made our choices by browsing their pre-formed lists.  We were especially intrigued by their minority-owned roundup!  For those of you interested, here’s a list of all the noms we ordered:

  • Truff Hot Sauce w/ Black Truffle ($5.99)
  • Spicy Sweet Hot Sauce ($5.99)
  • Cal Dragon’s Vinegaroon Texas Hot Sauce ($5.99)
  • Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies ($1.99)
  • Corina’s Lime Ginger Switchy ($2.99)
  • Medium Buzz Hot Sauce ($4.99)
  • Green Hibiscus Sparkling Tea Beverage ($2.75)
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems ($1.99)
  • Peach Gummy Rings ($3.99)
  • Sour Gummy Bears ($3.99)
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unreal chocolate covered peanuts

We weren’t really a fan of the drinks, but the hot sauces, sour gummies, and dark chocolate covered peanuts were the bomb.com.  New brands are added weekly, and they have everything from CBD infused drinks to charcuterie so definitely make sure to take a look see.  Also, remember to use our promo code at checkout to get $10 off your purchase.  Simply enter “NOMTASTICFOODS” on your $45+ order to redeem, friends!

snackmagic drinks

And to further sweeten the deal, for every snack stash ordered, SnackMagic donates a snack to a NYC healthcare provider, first responder or essential worker so that’s extra incentive to get your splurge on.  Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading all about this dope snack service.  Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below, and check back soon for awesome new content.  Bai frands!

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