Order a Take-Home Tea Party from Son & Garden!

Straight from the awesome people who brought you Farmhouse Kitchen Thai comes Son & Garden in San Francisco where you can get some fun, colorful, and delicious New American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ll get into everything they offer in another post, but guys, we need to tell you about their amazing Secret Garden Tea Party set!

It’s been a rough year spending a lot of time inside, so we take any chance we can get to spend some socially distanced time in the sun. And for those spur of the moment get-togethers, Son & Garden has made it super easy to get everything you could want in a tea party in a surprisingly small box either delivered to you or you can pick it up from their restaurant.

Right off the bat, the Secret Garden Tea Party set comes with a 3-tiered stand for the treats, and lidded cups, tea, plates, napkins, and utensils for two people, so you can literally take the box anywhere and set up your tea party on the fly! Take another look at this incredible set, and then let’s get into some of what’s included!

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Savory Bites

The first tier of the Secret Garden Tea Party from Son & Garden comes with three different finger sandwiches – cucumber + dill, egg salad + chive, and our personal favorite, salmon + cream cheese + dill.

We were really impressed by how fresh the ingredients were, even after being picked up and transported 30 minutes across the city. The egg was creamy and flavorful, the cucumber had that refreshing crunch that only comes from being super fresh, and smoked salmon is just amazing in any occasion. The crusts are all cut off, too, which is a minor detail that really makes a difference!

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They also include a whole container of fresh berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Afternoon Tea Pastries

Movin’ on up, the second tier of goodies is all about pastries! It includes house-made pastry (this may vary, but ours came with a scone), two Danishes (one raspberry and one blueberry cream cheese), and a slice of lemon tea cake.

They were all fantastic, especially the lemon tea cake, which was just slightly sweet and just moist enough, and the raspberry danish. Scones are obviously dry by nature, so we can’t knock this one too hard, but it was definitely our least favorite of the four. Putting some butter and jam (included!) on it helped, for sure, though.

Wonderland Desserts

We have a pretty big sweet tooth, so we were absolutely most excited about the top tier. Son & Garden threw in so many fresh dessert bites in their Secret Garden Tea Party set that all had different flavors and textures! The goodies included an almond + berry cake, mini caramel cheesecake, panna cotta bar, mini choux, apricot dome, triple chocolate square, berry mini tiramisu, chestnut + blackcurrant, and a few macarons.

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You get all this for just $89.99! If you bring your own tea to your tea party, you can easily split all these pastries and snacks among 3, 4, or maybe even 5 people to cut the cost even lower as long as you’re looking to have afternoon tea and not a full on meal. Find them on the Caviar app and get your (tea) party on!

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