Gram’s Incredible Souffle Pancakes

What’s up, Nomsters! This isn’t a new spot, but if you haven’t made a trip over to Gram at Stonestown Galleria (next to SF State), you’re seriously missing out! Gram is a chain that started in Osaka, Japan that is most famous for their Japanese souffle pancakes, and they definitely live up to the hype. They are those super fluffy, jiggly pancakes that you may have seen in some videos on Instagram, and they’re literally like sinking your teeth into  slightly sweet clouds of awesomeness.

They have tons of different flavors and preparation styles on their menu ranging from their plain Premium Pancakes to Matcha Custard Azuki Bean Pancakes and everything in between.

Gram Premium Souffle Pancakes

How are Japanese Souffle Pancakes Made?

What differentiates regular pancakes from these fluffy souffle pancakes is the preparation of the eggs. The egg whites and yolks are separated, and the whites are beaten until they reach the consistency of meringue. This creates air bubbles on the inside when you combine it with the batter, and that creates the thickness and airiness in the fluffy Japanese pancakes.

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If you are interested in a Japanese souffle pancake recipe to make these at home, Just One Cookbook has a good one with a video here.

Our Favorite Souffle Pancakes from Gram:

Premium Pancakes

Despite the fact that these are the most simple version of souffle pancakes on Gram’s menu, they were actually our favorite! The texture and flavor of the pancakes themselves are something that need to be tasted and appreciated, so getting them plain and adding some syrup to your liking is the way to go, especially if it’s your first experience. Don’t forget to shake the plate a little bit before you dig in so you can witness the jiggles firsthand!

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Gram Premium Souffle Pancakes with syrup

Brown Sugar Boba Pancakes

The Brown Sugar Boba Pancakes are a close second in our book and they’re really tasty, but we still prefer the Premium Pancakes. These pancakes are covered in Earl Grey Crème Anglaise and topped with brown sugar tapioca, so it’s a lot sweeter. The earl grey flavor is phenomenal, and we love boba, so this will definitely be the second order of pancakes the next time we go. If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, give this one a try!

Gram Brown Sugar Boba Souffle Pancakes with syrup

The egg souffle pancakes are so soft that you can easily make a clean cut through the entire stack with your fork, so just imagine what it’s like to bite into them. They melt in your mouth!

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Make sure to give Gram’s soufflé pancakes a try! They’ve been making an effort to franchise over the past several years, so they have locations in Japan as well as the US, so there’s no excuse to not try the deliciousness. Till next time, Nomsters!

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