South Block Bowl Kits: Review + Discount

Who says clean eating can’t be delish?  We recently ordered South Block’s smoothie bowl kit, and it was such a great investment.  Breakfast at home’s pretty basic for us so we were excited to mix things up, and their food’s always a good idea.

For $80, we got a mix of smoothie bowls (4 warrior, 4 PBJ base) and two large containers of ginger hemp granola.  $80 may seem steep, but it’s roughly $6-7 for each item, which actually isn’t too bad if you think about.

south block bowl kits

South Block offers free delivery for local orders $99+ or free pickup from their kitchen in East Falls Church.  And although they’re based in the DMV area, they now offer nationwide shipping as well for those of you looking to indulge.

Prep is easy.  Simply thaw your acai base for 30 minutes or leave it in your refrigerator overnight for a delish breakfast in the early morn.  Want to save noms for another day?  Throw your bowls in the freezer to make sure everything stays nice and fresh.

We like loading up on toppings so we got organic cacao nibs ($6 for 5oz), organic chia seeds ($6 for 5oz), 100% pure raw honey ($3 for a 2oz bottle), and organic coconut ($3 for 2.5oz) as extras to fancy up our bowls.  We also recommend cutting up your favorite fruit to add to the mix.

south block smoothie bowls

To further sweeten the pot, South Block’s offering nom readers $10 off their bowl kits with code “nomtasticdc.” It’s valid until 9/30 so definitely make sure to take advantage and let all your friends know so they can get in on the action.  Have questions?  Leave us a comment or shoot us an email at info@nomtasticfoods.net.

And ONE more thing before we leave you today.  South Block also offers juices, and each bottle you get helps feed a family fruits and veggies as part of their #JuiceItForward initiative.

They cold press everything at their micro-juicery in Arlington because it sustains 5x more nutrition than conventional methods, and everything’s made fresh daily.  They don’t add any water or sugar, and their juice is raw and unpasteurized so it’s much better for your health!  Whether you’re looking to partake in a cleanse or supplement your diet with these juices, they’ll undoubtedly leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading all about South Block’s smoothie bowl kits.  Let us know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for new content coming your way.  If you’re new, we update daily so there’s always something delish to browse.  For more on DC eats, click here.  Until next time, friends!


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