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Our First Official Pairing: The National Portrait Gallery + Spice 6

Alright Nomsters, this is the first of many pairings to come so I hope you’re excited.  Robby and I have been talking about this series for years now so I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and kicked things off with this post.  So, what is a pairing exactly?  It’s pretty straightforward so you can probably guess.  Basically, we’re pairing good eats with fun activities, and everything’s gonna be walking distance so you don’t have to worry about parking a second time because let’s be real, parking in DC sucks oh so much.

First up, the National Portrait Gallery.  DC’s known for their museums, and lucky for us, admission’s free.  Located on 8th and F, they’re open from 11:30-7 daily, and they seek to “tell the story of America by portraying the people who shape the nation’s history, development and culture.”  With 23,000+ items in their inventory, there’s a lot to see so make sure you wear walking shoes.  Don’t leave without taking a selfie with President Obama and enjoying a cup of joe in Kogod Courtyard.

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dc portrait gallery

Afterwards, walk to Spice 6 for a casual lunch. Think of them as an Indian Chipotle of sorts.  They have everything from salads to naan wraps, and their food’s tasty and fairly priced.  I highly recommend their chicken tikka masala naan pizza, but their bowls are great as well.  I especially liked their lamb curry – it was hearty and had a nice kick, which I appreciated.  Still hungry?  Their samosa chaat’s a great app to start with, and you can’t leave without getting a mango lassi because life’s too short.

spice 6 naan pizza lamb curry spice 6 samosa chaat spice 6

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed our first official pairing.  Stay tuned for more!  I’ll make sure to share some date ideas as well so keep an eye out.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make this better, definitely let us know by commenting below.  We’re also doing food crawls so that should be fun.  Robby actually did one for SoMa (in SF) recently so take a look!

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