8 of the Spiciest Foods I’ve had in the DMV…Thus Far

If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely LOVE spicy food.  It’s something I crave on the regular, and I’m always looking for new dishes to try.  I’m down to tackle any challenge, and I’m told I’m insane on a regular basis.  So, I hope you’re excited for today’s post!  I’ll be recapping 8 of the spiciest dishes I’ve ever had in the DMV area.

1. Glassey’s Mirchi Curry

Glassey’s currently taking a breather, but I hope they offer this again when they reopen.   Because who wouldn’t want to try “DC’s spiciest curry?”  Made with foodie daredevils in mind, their mirchi curry’s cooked with a TON of Carolina Reaper pepper, and if you finish your food in 15 minutes, they’ll put your pic up on their wall of fame.

glassey indian food

I was with DCfoodporn at the time so he’s my witness – I took it like a champ, and although it was spicy – quite possibly THE spiciest dish I’ve had in the DMV thus far – it was manageable.  I actually really enjoyed this dish; the meat was tender, and it had great flavor!  Give it a try…if you dare.

2.  Wooboi Code Blue Chicken Sandwich

Man, this sandwich was no joke.  I’d say this was on the same level as Glassey’s curry.  Honestly, I can’t remember which one was spicier, but they’re both pretty intense.  Wooboi’s actually one of my favorite chicken sandwiches around, and their sando’s my go-to.  I usually get code red because it’s spicy (level 4) but still enjoyable.

wooboi chicken sandwich

Now, I can take code blue, but it’s not easy.  Don’t get me wrong! It’s still tasty AF, but you definitely want some milk handy.  On a scale of 1-10 – if 10’s so hot it’s inedible –  I’d give this an 8-8.5.  Like the curry mentioned above, this sandwich is also made with Carolina Reaper, and a lot of people think Wooboi’s mild is even too spicy so consider yourself warned.

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3.  Q by Peter Chang’s Yangtze River Beef

With 5 stars notated next to this dish, it’s safe to assume that this entree’s by far their spiciest menu item.  I’ve had this beef dish twice, and the first time was WAY hotter than the second.  Not sure what happened, but I’m assuming people complained that it was too spicy, and they had to tone it down! Regardless, it’s a delicious dish, and I highly recommend it.

And it’s still pretty damn hot.  It comes out boiling, and it’s an amazing option for cold weather.  Made with tofu, noodles, tender chunks of beef and tons of chili peppers, the broth will light your mouth on fire and leave it feeling all tingly thanks to peppercorn magic.

4.  Halal Guys Chicken and Rice Bowl with Hot Sauce

I will always have a soft spot for Halal Guys (the OG food truck’s best).  I have very fond memories of enjoying their food after a fun night out with friends, and nothing tasted better than their chicken and rice at 2 in the morning.  Although I definitely don’t like their bowls as much as I used to, it’s nice to indulge and reminisce every once in a while.

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Everyone talks about their white sauce, but I actually think their hot sauce is the MVP.  I used to DOUSE my bowls with it, and people still think I’m low key insane when I ask for 15-20 lines of red sauce.  They need to start selling it, that’s all I’m saying.

5.  Thip Khao’s Papaya Salad

thip khao papaya salad

I’m such a huge fan of Chef Seng’s food.  She doesn’t mess around with spice, and her papaya salad has great heat to it.  This wasn’t super hot by any means, but I know she can eff me up if I ask her to.  This dish is easily one of my favorites so make sure to enjoy it if you haven’t had the chance to yet!

6.  Pho Viet’s Lemongrass Pho

When they ask you half spice or full spice, go with the latter.  This spot’s known for their spicy lemongrass pho, but you definitely want to load up on extra chili sauce as well because the hotter the better, at least in my opinion.  This broth’s an extra buck, and added spice is yet another dollar, but it’s well worth the small upcharge.  I also like to add in a TON of sliced jalapeños, but that’s just me!

7.  Anju’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

If you haven’t tried Buldak nuclear noodles yet, that needs to change ASAP.  Although spicy, the sauce is so, SO flavorful, and it’s become so popular, they now sell it separately.  They’re actually my go-to instant noodle!  There are a lot of variations available, but I’ve only tried 3-4 so I decided to order one of EACH and do a full review for you guys.

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spicy chicken sandwich

Sorry, I’m totally getting off topic.  With that said, chef Angel at Anju does a fantastic chicken sandwich that’s coated in this delicious sauce.  It’s one of the best sammies in the city, and it’s available for brunch on weekends only!  If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, run, don’t walk.  It’s topped with pickled radish which helps cut through the heat while adding beautiful texture to the mix.  Perfection!

8.  Hot Lola’s Too Hot Chicken Sammie

Andddd last but not least, Hot Lola’s Too Hot sando.  With a description like, “too hot will have you flipping tables with habanero-driven heat,” how could you NOT try it!  This epic handheld’s coated with Sichuan peppercorn, Thai chili and cumin, and it’s cooked to juicy perfection.

hot lola's chicken sandwich

It’s one of those dishes with heat that builds over time rather than hitting you all at once.  Pretty hot…but not code blue hot.  Absolutely delicious though!  Enjoy it with slaw and a side of fries for the ultimate meal.

Alright Nomsters, I hope you enjoyed reading my latest post.  Have you tried any of these dishes?  Let me know by commenting below, and please share recs if you have some.  I’m always looking for new food to try, especially if it’s spicy.  Sending e-hugs your way! -Kim


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