Squisito: Fast Casual Italian Food in Maryland

Looking for solid fast casual Italian food?  Head on over to Squisito Pizza & Pasta for a budget-friendly meal that’ll hit the spot.  We’ve been longtime fans of their bomb pizza and lasagna – we seriously can’t get enough of their NY style Chicken BBQ & Margherita pies – BUT we won’t be talking about them today because we went with other dishes for once.  We started our lunch off with an order of their garlic knots.  Talk about bang for your buck, they give you 6 GIANT rolls for only $3.99 (!!!)

Fast Casual Italian Food

Drench them in marinara like we did and start your meal off like champs…

Fast Casual Italian Food in Maryland

Then came their Philly Cheesesteak.  Priced at $8.99, this was yet another bamf deal.  For those of you interested, they had 10 options total.  These sammies are served with a choice of lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and/or banana peppers, and come with a side as well.  We got ours with fries, but you can sub that out for a house salad for no additional charge.

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Squisito's Pizza & Pasta

Our cheesesteak contained chopped ribeye, provolone, grilled onions and mayo. The bread was ridiculously soft, and the meat to carb ratio was on point.  However, it was slightly too salty for our taste.  Regardless, we’ll definitely be back to take advantage of this deal again – we’re thinking about getting the chicken BLT next time though.  The mozzarella caprese also sounds incredible!  Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, freshly chopped basil with balsamic glaze? So. Much. Yes.

delicious subs in maryland

Next up:  Spaghetti della Mamma ($6.99 for medium and $8.99 for large).  Yummy noodles tossed in their marinara – it tastes homemade.  We added meatballs for an extra $2, but you could get meat sauce or sausage for the same add on –  go with whatever tickles your fancy!  Also, if you want greens to start off, a house or caesar salad’s only an extra $1.29.  We recommend paying an extra $2.50 for their Greek though.  What can we say? We’re a sucker for all things feta.

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best pasta dishes in maryland

Lifting noodz for days…

budget-friendly restaurants in maryland

Anddd last but not least, their Chicken Pesto Ravioli ($11.99 for the medium and $13.99 for the large).  Made with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and light creamy pesto sauce, this was definitely our favorite plate of the day!  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but trust us when we say it was delish.  We don’t even like pesto so suffice it to say, their sauce was awesomesauce…literally, ha.

The ravioli was perfectly cooked and STUFFED with cheese.  The sauce complemented the pasta beautifully, and the sundried tomatoes really added to the texture.  Also, there was an impressive amount of chicken – most places skimp on protein, but not Squisito’s.  They the real MVP!  Next time, we’re trying their Salsiccia and Peppers penne and Chicken Alla Parmigiana.

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pesto ravioli squisito's

Anywho, that’s it for today Nomsters.  If you find yourself craving some solid noms in suburban Maryland, you know where to go!  You can’t go wrong with their fast casual Italian food.  We hit up their location in Hanover, MD for lunch this time around, but they have several different restaurants in the DMV area so click to find one near you!  TIP: sign up for their VIP rewards program for perks, and don’t forget to browse our MD tab for more foodporn.


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