Sugar Cookie M&M’s Hitting Stores This Holiday Season!

You read that right, Nomsters. Although it’s still several months away, M&M’s just announced that they will be offering a brand new flavor this year based off a ridiculously popular holiday cookie recipe – M&M’s sugar cookies! The usual recipe is basically a sugar cookie with M&M’s thrown in kind of like chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie, and it’s become a year round favorite, but especially during the holidays given their festive colors.

The new M&M’s flavor will be made with the signature coating on the outside in Christmas-themed red, green, and white, and filled with an inner layer of white chocolate surrounding bits of delicious sugar cookie! It’s literally an inverted M&M’s sugar cookie, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a bag.

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If you’ve been out of the loop, M&M’s also released a fudge brownie flavor in March, so just like other sweets, they’ve been getting creative with their limited edition flavors. Kit Kat has released a limited run of Apple Pie flavored bars, and we freakin’ love all the experimentation that’s been going on in the snack world. But we can’t decide if we would want our favorite limited run flavors to become year round staples, or if the short availability is what makes them special. What do y’all think?

Either way, don’t miss out on your chance to grab these Sugar Cookie M&M’s around November!

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