Sushi Rock: The Best Sushi in Arlington, Virginia

A while back, we featured Sushi Hachi on here and explained that it was THE place to go for affordable sushi in DC.  Well, if you’re looking for its budget-friendly equivalent in Arlington, Virginia, bookmark this post because we’re about to drop some serious knowledge on y’all.

Sushi Rock arlington

Located at 1900 Clarendon Boulevard, Sushi Rock’s the sister restaurant to Sushi Hachi.  It’s hard to pick favorites because they have different vibes, but if you’re looking to enjoy bomb rolls in a fun atmosphere, you’re welcome in advance.

They’ve opened their dining room + patio for guests, but if you’re looking to save some moolah, you definitely want to visit them for lunch or happy hour.  Sushi Rock’s known for their extravagant specialty rolls so that’s what you need to splurge on when you go.

Sushi Rock specialty rolls

They offer lunch specials everyday from 11:30-2:30PM, and we highly recommend getting their specialty roll combo for $16.90.  That’s two nomtastic lunch rolls of your choice + miso soup!  We recommend any of the following:

  • Shrimp Volcano:  avocado, cucumber, and crab stick with spicy shrimp on top
  • Crunch Dragon:  shrimp tempura and avocado with spicy tuna, jalapeño and beet crunch on top
  • Alaska Roll:  avocado, cucumber and crab stick with salmon and spicy aioli on top
  • Ichiban Roll:  shrimp tempura and avocado with crab stick, Japanese aioli, rice crunch and scallion on top
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Prefer something a little less “fancy?”  Go with their classic roll combo and get 3 smaller rolls + miso soup.  Priced at $12.90, you choose from standards like shrimp tempura roll, philadelphia roll, spicy crunch shrimp roll, and more.

Sushi Rock patio

Can’t make it out to A-town for lunch?  No worries.  They have some really amazing happy hour deals available from 3-7PM daily at their bar and high top table so that’s a dope option for sure.

Sushi Rock sake

Get $3 sake, $4 draft beer, $5 glasses of house red/white, and more.  For food, they have $3 edamame, $5 rolls and $8 starters.  Their ceviche’s a delicious app, but we recommend taking advantage of their $5 classic roll deal.  They only have a handful available, but they’re solid rolls – think salmon avocado, crispy rice spicy tuna, etc. – that are super affordable!

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Now that the deal portion’s over, we want to talk to you a bit about Sushi Rock’s dinner menu.  To kick things off, we recommend getting their Oasis or their crunch yellowtail tartare.  The tartare’s pretty straightforward – yellowtail served in a tomato chutney with beet crunch – but the oasis is a different story.

Sushi Rock oasis

Served in soy paper, this app contains crispy rice balls, crab stick, baby greens, and spicy tuna and is topped with eel sauce and a delicious aioli.  It’s hard to describe, but think of it as a spicy tuna roll of sorts…if said tuna roll had all kinds of crazy textures happenin’ all at the same time.

For your main, we recommend getting a slew of noms and sharing.  Pass on the dishes and noodle soups and go straight for their sushi because that’s what they’re known for.  You can’t go wrong with any of their chirashi or sashimi sets, and their specialty rolls are nothing short of magical.  And yes, they taste as delicious as they look.

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Sushi Rock chirashi

If it’s your first time at Sushi Rock, you need to get their “light my fire” and “you shook me all night long” rolls.  The former contains crunchy shrimp and avocado and is topped with spicy tuna, jalapeño, spicy aioli and an eel BBQ sauce, and the latter’s made with tempura shrimp and avocado, then topped with crab stick, tobiko, negi, Japanese aioli and eel sauce.

Sushi Rock rolls

Other delicious options include their “salmon lover” and “stairway to heaven,” but the first two are non-negotiable must tries.  So, which roll looks yummiest to you guys?

Sushi Rock salmon rolls

Let us know by leaving a comment below.  And PS, remember to save room for dessert because their chocolate lava cake is fire.  It comes with a huge side of vanilla ice cream because who doesn’t enjoy that hot/cold dichotomy.

Sushi Rock chocolate lava cake

For more on Virginia food, make sure to check out this tab and stay tuned for delicious new content coming your way.  Until next time, friends!  We hope you eat all the things.


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