Tang Bar Opens Hot Pot Market in Stonestown

What’s up, Nomsters! We’ve all seen how difficult it’s been for restaurants and other food business to operate during 2020, but one of the most uplifting and exciting things we’ve witnessed is the creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation that restaurant owners have displayed in coming up with ways to stay afloat. We’ve seen some restaurants turn into general stores, others offering pantry kits for cooking at home, complete tea party kits, to-go cocktails, and so much more.

Tang Bar, located inside Stonestown Galleria in SF, has come up with the really cool idea transform their refrigerator space in front into a one-stop hot pot supermarket where you can get everything you need to make fresh, high quality, delicious hot pot at home. We’ve become big fans of this place since we first tried their food not too long ago, so we can vouch for how good their stuff is. So if you’re like us and have been missing and craving hot pot, be sure to read on!

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Tang Bar’s Hot Pot Supermarket

When shelter in place first began, we were actually really concerned for hot pot style restaurants since you can’t really deliver it – or so we thought. Tang Bar’s ownership, being the savvy people they are, started offering pre-cooked hot pots to-go (see our full blog post about our experience here), which were amazing and we still highly recommend them if you’re craving hot pot and want it quickly.

But to take things one step further, they wanted to offer an even fresher option for those who want to take their at-home hot pot experience to the next level. So, they’re now offering literally EVERYTHING you need to make delicious hot pot at home with Tang Bar’s signature flavors! Did we mention that they’ve even undercut the larger Asian markets so all their ingredients are the cheapest around? Well, now you know.

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You can stop by their restaurant in the mall and buy everything from pre-cut meats to seafood to diced and prepped veggies and even the pots for the broth and lightweight portable stoves so you can set up your hot pot feast anywhere. Until now, making hot pot at home seemed a little daunting and intimidating, but with everything all in one spot and a helpful staff that can make sure you’re heading home with everything you need, this is definitely something worth looking into.

Outdoor Seating

Unfortunately, SF mayor London Breed announced on November 10th that restaurants will, once again, have to close their indoor dining due to the pandemic. Luckily, Stonestown mall has worked closely with their restaurants in the past to offer outdoor seating and it seems they’ll be doing so again. Ironically, they removed the outdoor seating around the beginning of November when indoor seating resumed. If it’s the same as the first time, there will be a sectioned off portion of the front parking lot and it’s actually a really pleasant experience dining there on a sunny day.

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They’ve done a great job of not making it feel like you’re in a parking lot. So you just order at the restaurant inside, grab a table outside, and they’ll bring your malatang and side dishes out to you. So grab some friends or your family and go get your grub on!

We just mentioned their side dishes, and our parting comment is to try their Szechuan Cold Noodles! They definitely have a kick, but it’s a nice side dish to cool off with while eating your hot pot, which is, well, hot. Don’t miss it!

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