Teaism Penn Quarter: So Much More Than Tea

Our Latest Food Adventure at Teaism Penn Quarter

Hey Nomsters, it’s been a minute!  We’re sorry we’ve been so MIA.  We promise we’re back for good though so you can count on us for yummy content on the regular.  We’re posting something new every Monday and Thursday so make sure you check back frequently.  Anywho, we’re super excited to tell you guys all about Teaism today.  Located on 400 8th Street NW in Penn Quarter, they’re food is fresh, wholesome and truly delicious.

teaism penn quarter food

As per usual, we ordered a bunch of different dishes and shared!  We definitely had favorites, but everything was good.  Here’s the list of everything we got that day:

  • Middle Eastern Chopped Salad ($5.75): lettuce, radishes, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, poblano peppers, herbs, pistachios, and a sumac vinaigrette.
  • Chilled Thai Carrot Soup ($4.75):  spicy yet refreshing curried carrot soup with tomato, thai basil and pumpkin seeds.
  • South Indian Vegetable Curry ($11):  spinach, chickpeas, tomato, chayote squash, and sweet potato in a turmeric coconut sauce with brown rice.
  • Chilled Noodles & Avocado ($11.50):  mushroom broth, noodles, avocado, Korean pickled cucumbers, watermelon radish, soft-boiled egg, and herbs.
  • Broccoli Tots ($5):  served with goat cheese and togarashi mayo.
  • Fried Organic Chicken Bento ($13.25):  Served with Korean pickled cucumbers, potato mix, pickled onion, brown rice, and their famous onion-mayo sauce.
  • French Toast ($6 for one, $12 for two):  served with organic pure maple syrup, stewed apples & cranberries.
  • Jasmine Tea ($4)
  • Bubble Tea ($4): milked iced black tea with tapioca pearls
  • Hungarian Tea Cake ($3.50)
  • An assortment of their oat cookies ($2.50-2.70 each)
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teaism chilled noodles

What to Order at Teaism Penn Quarter

Yeah, we weren’t playing when we said we ordered a ton of food, and everything really WAS good.  There were clear standouts for us though.  The following dishes – and there are quite a few – were our favorites:  the Chilled Noodles & Avocado, the French Toast, the Fried Chicken Bento, the Broccoli Tots, the Oat Cookies, the Hungarian Tea Cake, and of course, their tea.

We’re not big on chilled noodles so it’s kind of surprising that they made our list.  Think of this as bibim naeng myun meets mool naeng myun.  It’s really refreshing, and they don’t skimp on toppings, which is impressive considering the price.  $11.5o for a huge bowl of deliciousness?  Um, we think yes.  The noodz were cooked to chewy perfection, and it contrasted beautifully with the crunchiness of the cucumbers + radishes and the creaminess of the avocado.  A must for a hot summer day!

korean noodles at teaism

Next up, their epic French Toast.  For those of you interested – and all of you should be interested – this entree’s available Monday through Friday from 7:30-11:30 and Saturday & Sunday from 9:30-2:30.  Honestly, we’d go again JUST for this dish!  We had no idea French Toast could taste so good.  We both let out a surprised “mmmm” after we took a bite.  It seriously melts in your mouth, and you’ll question whether you even want syrup.

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teaism lunch spread

Trust us and get two slices.  We guarantee 200% that you’ll enjoy this, and we fully expect a thank you afterwards, ha.

french toast teaism

Moving onto fave dish #3.  Now, this was really quite something.  It was part of their ” trash or treasure” menu – noms developed to utilize product often wasted in restaurants, and there were three plates available:  cabbage butts stir fried in gochujang, broccoli tots (shown below), and seared salmon belly.  If we’re being completely honest, we don’t even want regular tots anymore after trying these babies.  Their broccoli tots were made with goat cheese, and the togarashi mayo dipping sauce that came with?  Game over.  All six were gone in less than a minute, and we almost got an order to go.

broccoli tots teaismbest dishes at teaism

Anddd the last featured entree of the day:  the Fried Organic Chicken Bento.  They also have Baked Chilled Salmon, Handrolls, and Black Bean Cakes as options (all $13.25).  We’ve only tried the chicken, but we have no doubt everything else is yummy as well.  As mentioned above, this entree comes with Korean pickled cucumbers, potato mix, pickled onions, brown rice, and onion-mayo sauce, but you can swap sides if you want.  They’re super flexible so just let them know!

The chicken was fried to crispy perfection, and each bite was as juicy as can be.  The accompanying sauce was heavenly, and we loved the side dishes that came along with.  The pickled veggies really enhanced the protein, and we’d more than happily get this for lunch again.  So, what did you guys think of these dishes?  What looked the yummiest to you?  Definitely let us know by commenting below.

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lunch menu at teaism

Our dessert shots were meh so we’re not sharing any, but we still want to talk about their Hungarian Tea Cake and Oat Cookies.  The cake was exceptional, and the cookies were ginormous so don’t get thrown by the price.  $2.70 may seem a bit steep, but they’re so big you probably won’t be able to finish one yourself, especially if you had a big lunch.  They carry Salty Oat, Chocolate Salty Oat and Chunky Chocolate Pecan, and you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned flavors.

Also, everything there is made from scratch daily so you know you’re getting quality in each and every bite.  And when we say “everything,” we mean EVERYTHING!  They even make their own tapioca balls (for their boba) from scratch.  That’s dedication right there!  Anywho, the moral of the story is:  check out Teaism Penn Quarter, and shop their store afterwards for quality tea and other goodies that will make your tummy happy.  Until next time, friends!

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