Teas’n You: Cream Puff Heaven

Who knew Teas’n You had such delicious cream puffs?  We were under the impression they only really did boba, but damn, these ginormous balls of goodness were nothing short of pheNOMenal.  See what we did there? Ha.

They currently have 3 flavors available:  boba milk tea, ube coconut and strawberry cream.  We were most excited about the boba milk tea, but that was actually our least favorite of the bunch.  It looks sexy AF, but the flavors were just ok.  But the ube coconut and strawberry cream?  Holy mother of god.  WHEN CAN WE GO BACK FOR MORE?

ube cream puff

DMV traffic is no joke, but we’d happily wait on 495 for these stuffed pastries.  The strawberry cream’s seasonal so you need to get there ASAP to experience this magic, but the ube coconut was our personal favorite.  Now, these babies are $6 a pop – that may seem expensive, but you’ll understand why they’re priced that way once you unbox yours.  They’re MASSIVE.

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The cream had a really nice texture to it, and the flavors were strong but not overwhelming.  We’re not big on uber-sugary desserts so we appreciated that it was just the right amount of sweet.  We also wanted to try their mochi muffins, but they were sold out by the time we got there so we got their pandan mochi cookies instead.  These weren’t AS delicious as their cream puffs, but we still enjoyed them immensely.

The texture was really interesting – to be honest, we’re not sure how much we enjoyed the giant piece of mochi in the center, but we liked the cookie itself.  Plus, you can never go wrong with pandan so that’s that.  Would we recommend?  Yep.  It’s definitely worth trying.  Especially since y’all will be there anyway to try their cream puffs, wink wink.

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pandan mochi cookie

As for tea, they’re actually not our go-to boba place, but for desserts we will 200% be back.  PS.  their savory stuff is really tasty too.  We love their garlic parmesan fries and their basil popcorn chicken.  Really tasty, and we hear they have a new chicken sammie available as well.  We’ll have to try it the next time we go!

Alright Nomsters, ’tis a wrap for the day.  What did you think of our feature on Teas’n You?  Let us know by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for more delish content coming your way.  In the meantime, follow us on instagram or tiktok (@nomtasticfoods) to feed your feed.  Until next time, frands.

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