The Game DC: A Local Sports Bar with Filipino Comfort Food

Located in Adams Morgan on 2411 18th Street, The Game is an absolute gem.  Not gonna lie, I had trouble finding it…even though I was google-mapping it, but I may or may not be directionally challenged.  Regardless, it’s too easy to pass this place by, so make an effort to go and take all your friends with you because you need to try their entire menu.

The Game is no ordinary sports bars.  Yes, you can get American classics like game day nachos or a fried chicken sandwich, but the real magic here?  Their Filipino comfort food.  With everything from spicy sizzling sisig to pansit, you gotta indulge in all the things.  My favorite dishes were the beef pares and pinoy-a-mumbo wings, and I really enjoyed their non-alcoholic drinks.  More on that later though – food first.

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The Game DC beef pares

This was my first time having beef pares, and it was honestly love in a bowl…or bowls since it came with a side of nom beef broth.  Think braised fatty beef brisket served on top of the most garlicky fried rice.  As a Korean-American who grew up eating raw garlic dipped in gochujang (korean chili paste), this was nothing short of heavenly.  Don’t let that scare you though – I promise the intense flavors will leave your tastebuds completely and utterly satisfied, like I’m high key craving it as I write this.

The pinoy-a-mumbo wings were a special for Superbowl Sunday, but I really hope they consider adding it to the menu for good.  Hands down, some of the yummiest wings I’ve ever had.  The sauce for its created by sautéing labuyo peppers, ginger and garlic so there was a badass kick to it that I loved.  Maggi seasoning and kalamansi juice added extra oomph in addition to banana ketchup and pineapple juice.  I like spicy everything so I was popping peppers like candy – can you keep up or am I just crazy? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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The Game DC wings

Curious about their drink program?  I’ve heard great things about their cocktails, but I actually haven’t had a chance to try any yet so you guys will have to do some research for me.  I can, however, recommend some delish spirit-free dranks.

I loved their spiced guavamansi soda and their “it’s kelemonade thyme.”  The former contains guava, kalamansi, labuyo pepper, lemongrass and carbonation, and the latter’s made with kalamansi, honey and thyme.  You can’t go wrong with either, but I find the carbonation in the soda hard to resist.

The Game DC spirit free drinks

So, how excited are you to try The Game now?  If you have questions, give them a call at 202.846.1952, and make sure you guys check back soon for more bomb recommendations.  Peep our DC tab to see more and give us a follow on instagram to feed your feed on the regular.  ‘Til next time, Nomsters.

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