The Game DC Reopens with a Brand New Menu

We can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited we are.  The Game’s reopened with a brand new menu, and the food’s never been better.  They used to do both Filipino and American fare, but now all their dishes are Filipino-influenced.  They have everything from pares fries to pinoy fried chicken and gravy so you’re definitely gonna want to indulge.

We had the pleasure of going in and photographing some new menu items prior to opening, and the food was absolutely delicious.  It’s hard to pick favorites so we’re going to highlight our top 3 faves as kind of a 3-way 1st prize situation.  So, let’s start with Jo-jo’s Grilla in Manila slider trio.

pork belly sliders

You have the option of getting grilled chicken or pork belly, but let’s be real, pork belly’s the way to go.  It’s juicy as can be, and the meat’s glazed in an unreal BBQ sauce that’s then topped with arugula, atchara (aka Filipino pickles made from papayas), and sriracha yum yum.

They’re honestly some of the best sliders we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring, and the pork is thick AF.  Think of them as mini flavor explosions in your mouth.  Get this as an entree or a possible starter if you’re hungry.

the game burger

The Game wouldn’t be a sports bar if they didn’t have a burger, and lucky for you guys, you got two surefire options available:  their homerun and their overtime.  The former’s topped with BBQ sauce, purple slaw, and crispy onions, while the latter’s made with Nueske bacon, American and cheddar cheese, garlic shrooms, mustard and sriracha yum yum.

Although the overtime sounds like a banger, we’re suckers for slaw and onions so we went with their homerun, and Jo-jo’s texture game was so, SO strong.  The crispiness of the onions, the crunchiness of the slaw, the juiciness of the patty; everything just came together like a symphony of deliciousness, and we couldn’t get enough.

the game loaded fries

It came with a side of fries, but you’re still gonna want to get either their Four Point Play or their Pares Tackle because… do you really need a reason to treat yourself?  Expect heaven in fry form because Jo-jo doesn’t mess around.  If you read our first feature on The Game – click here if you missed it – you already know we’re high key obsessed with his beef pares so to get that on top of a bed of fries?  We now believe dreams do come true.

With that said, we wanted to try his Four Point Play because it sounded like Filipino style poutine.  Crispy fries topped with American cheese, jalapeños and Jojo’s gravy? Hellllll yes.  Whether you’re hungry or not, these will seriously hit the spot so definitely make sure to give ’em a try.

Alright friends, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about their new menu!  On top of dine in, they’re also offering contactless pickup and delivery so make sure you indulge.  To further celebrate their reopening, we’ve purchased a $50 gift card from them to raffle away on @nomtasticdc so head to that instagram to enter.

Thanks for reading, friends.  For more on DC food, click here and keep an eye out for fresh new content coming your way.  We’re officially updating the blog daily so you’ll want to check back each morning.  Until next time, Nomsters!


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