Third Culture Bakery: Amazing Mochi Muffins and Donuts

Nomsters! We couldn’t be more excited to talk about Third Culture Bakery in Berkeley, CA. We had the pleasure of visiting their shop at 2701 Eighth St, and one of the first things we noticed when we walked in the door was how big of an operation they run. They provide their baked goods to numerous shops around the bay, and they also sell everything out of their own storefront. Third Culture has an open kitchen that you can see behind the counter when you walk in and it was enormous! They had a bunch of those tall, rolling carts with multiple layers of trays all full of various yummy-looking pastries. After trying a bunch of their specialties, we definitely will be back for more very soon!

Third Culture Mochi Donuts

As soon as we walked in, there was a tray stacked high with all these bright, colorful, and uniquely flavored donuts. Ever had a Mango Passion Fruit Mochi Donut? How about a Black Sesame or Strawberry Guava Mochi Donut? These are worth the trip by themselves. The flavors are some of the most unique and delicious we’ve ever seen and tasted, and the actual mochi donut was baked to perfection. Our favorite was probably the Mango Passion Fruit flavor, which was a great mix of tartness and sweetness, and was truly refreshing. Never thought we’d say a donut was refreshing!

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Third Culture Bakery Donuts

Takoyaki Mochi Waffle (Moffle)

Next up, we tried the Takoyaki Mochi Waffle (Moffle) and it was definitely our favorite dish of the day. If you’re not familiar with takoyaki, it’s a Japanese dish that’s often served as street food which consists of balls of wheat flour batter cooked with pieces of octopus on the inside. It’s often topped with takoyaki sauce, seaweed, mayo, and green onions.

Third Culture Bakery took this classic dish and made it their own by throwing all these ingredients (minus the octopus) on top of an incredible mochi waffle! It tastes exactly like takoyaki, and the moffle was one of the best we’ve ever had. We’ve often had them overcooked and hard, but this one really makes you understand the beauty of using mochi to make a waffle. It had just enough crunch on the outside to give it some texture while staying warm and chewy in the middle. This one is a must-try for sure!

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Third Culture Bakery Takoyaki Moffle

Peanut Butter & Jelly Mochi Waffle

The PB&J Moffle is another fantastic option at Third Culture Bakery. Just like the takoyaki moffle, they’ve adapted a classic and threw in their own twist with the mochi waffle. If these flavors are more your thing, definitely grab one! It’s got the same awesomely prepared mochi waffle so you’re in for a treat no matter which you choose.

Third Culture Bakery Peanut Butter and Jelly Moffle

Golden Yogi and Cold Brew Plover

These two drinks were off the hook! If you’re looking for unique ways to get your caffeine fix, you got ’em right here. The Golden Yogi is matcha over rice milk with organic turmeric and a dash of honey. It’s actually not very sweet at all, which is partially why we love it. The honey is very subtle, and the turmeric adds a wonderful earthy taste that perfectly compliments the matcha. The rice milk adds some texture and makes the drink fuller and more satisfying.

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The Cold Brew Plover is named after the plover – a species of bird that lives around the bay – and is a really cool way to drink some coffee! It’s basically a carbonated cold brew with house-made whipped cream. It’s served with the whipped cream on top as pictured below, but we highly recommend mixing it all together for the full effect. Fizzy coffee is definitely something to experience!

Third Culture Bakery Drinks

Those are just a few of our favorites, but you should definitely check out their whole menu to see all the awesomeness Third Culture Bakery has to offer. They’re always experimenting and concocting new flavor and ingredient combinations so make sure to keep up with them on their Instagram for the latest and greatest. We had such a great experience and we can’t wait to see where they go from here. Till next time, Nomsters!

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