Thriller Social Club: Action Arcade with Awesome Food and Cocktails

Located in the old Coin Op bar in downtown San Francisco, Thriller Social Club is a super fun new bar that puts a different spin on the arcade style space that Coin Op was. Instead of old school arcade games and pinball machines, Thriller Social Club takes a more active approach and created what they call an “action arcade” which is filled with games that keep you moving like ski ball, that punching bag strength game, and even a giant golf simulator. In addition to the games they have some delicious food and cocktails, and you know we’re all about that life, so let’s get into it!

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The Bearded Lady

This was a delicious, refreshing cocktail made with Dickel rye, citrus, Ancho Reyes, and blueberries, and you can’t forget that dope blue rose-shaped ice cube! As the ice melts, it infuses with the drink and the blue color starts to seep down. Pretty cool!

Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini from Thriller Social Club has a great coffee flavor with a subtle sweetness to it that makes it really enjoyable. It’s made with Ketel One, Kahlua, house-made horchata, and cold brew. It’s actually the flagship drink at their sister restaurant, Wilder, in the Marina!


Basically, this is what you need to order if you’re hungry. This incredible 13″ all beef hot dog, cheddar, scallion sour cream, bacon, chives, brown mustard, mayo, and topped with crispy potato sticks. It’s delicious and huge, so if you can get past the obvious jokes that go with a hot dog this big, definitely give it a try!

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Sausage Pizza

They also serve some pretty bomb thin crust pizza, and we tried the Sausage Pizza, which is crafted with mascarpone, honey, jalapeño, mozzarella, and parmesan.

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