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Tiki Taco: The New Must-Try Hawaiian Place in Dupont

You’re welcome in advance for telling you about one of the yummiest places in Dupont.  Located on 2010 P Street NW, Tiki Taco is one of those hole-in-the-wall that make all your dreams come true.  Their food’s super fresh, super affordable, and super effing delicious.  Their menu’s small but mighty, and they have a board with new specials on the regular.  Not even sure you guys would want to take advantage though because their mains are THAT good.

tiki taco poke

What to Order at Tiki Taco

They specialize in three menu items:  tacos, pokes, and wings.  We were stoked because we love all three of those thangs (!!!!) We started our lunch off with an order of their shoyu ahi poke ($12), and it was exquisite.  It was prepared with Maui sweet onions, scallions, soy sauce, and sesame.  The flavors really complemented the natural taste of the fish, letting the freshness of the protein really shine through.  We’re eager to try their salmon poke ($10) and their other 2 preparations as well. For those of you interested, you can add some avo for an extra $2.

tiki taco wings

Why You Need To Get Their Wings

Then came our wings, and yes, they were as flavorful as they look.  Chef recommended Jerky Blue so we went with that, but they also had spiced pineapple (!!!) or hot.  If you’re a fan of blue cheese, you will lose your sh*t, and we mean that in the best way possible.  They were definitely good, but we’re gonna go with the spiced pineapple next time because that sounds dope.  What sounds tastier to you?

tiki taco hawaiian

Their Tacos are the Bomb.com

And last but not least, their tacos.  These were reallllly good you guys.  We got their Kailua Pork (with watercress and pineapple salsa), their Crispy Sesame Tofu (with green papaya salad, toasted coconut, and sweet chili sauce), and their Kalbi Beef (with sesame watercress namul and hoisin crema).  You gotta get there and get some though because these pictures just don’t do them justice.  We sound like a broken record up in here, but they were yumtastical.  You can’t go wrong with any of these, but we personally liked their tofu the best.  It sounds crazy, but the sauce was incredible, and we were so impressed with all the different textures.  We recommend getting a trio of these babies because they’re only $9.75 and YOLO.

best tacos dc

It’s Never Too Cold for Shaved Ice

We weren’t too full so we decided to get some shaved ice to end the meal on a sweet note.  It was super cold out, but we didn’t care.  We got a small ($3) rainbow and let the fine folks at Tiki Taco decide which flavors to give us because we couldn’t decide – hey, don’t blame us, they had too many syrups to count, and everything sounded damn tasty.  One thing we know for sure though, shaved ice is always a good idea, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

tiki taco shaved ice

So, you know the drill – let us know what you thought of our latest by leaving a comment below.  Tell us what looked good, what you’re excited to try, the whole shebang, and make sure to check out our DC food tab for more drooltastic content, friends.


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