Toasty: Beautiful Avocado Toast in SF

Toasty - avocado toast in SF

What’s up, Nomsters! Some people have said that avocado toast in SF has had its day and has stopped being “trendy,” but those people must not have tried Toasty! With ultra fresh ingredients and absolutely beautiful toasts that are basically works of art, Toasty continues to be a popular spot in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district. They’re currently offering takeout through Uber Eats so make sure to check them out.

Here’s what we got!

Unicorn Toasty

This is the most colorful toast we’ve ever had! It’s made with artisan sourdough bread and topped with colorful cream cheese & sweet rainbow sparkles. On that note, keep in mind that those little round sprinkles are sweet, and they go really well with the cream cheese, but if you’re looking for something more savory, read on.

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Toasty - avocado toast in sf - unicorn toasty

Eggy Toasty

The Eggy Toasty is definitely up there on our list of favorite avocado toast in SF for the simple fact that we love poached eggs, and these are always cooked to perfection! This one is crafted with artisan sourdough bread topped with two poached eggs, salt, pepper, paprika and micro greens. The only thing that could make this better – and this is totally just personal preference – is if they went a little heavier on the seasoning. We love us some salt, pepper, and paprika and wouldn’t mind those flavors being a little more punchy. But with that minuscule point out of the way, the Eggy Toasty is fantastic!

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Toasty - avocado toast in sf - eggy toasty

Bruschetta Toasty

If the Eggy Toasty is our favorite toast from Toasty, the Bruschetta Toasty is a ridiculously close second. Made with artisan sourdough bread topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and their signature balsamic glaze, this one is healthy AND delicious. The balsamic glaze really pops over the fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, but in a very complimentary and unifying way.

Toasty - avocado toast in sf - bruschetta toasty

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