ToroToro: Unlimited Tapas for Lunch in DC

If you’re hangry and looking for an amazing new restaurant to hit up in DC, head on over to ToroToro for some kickass pan-latin cuisine.  We sampled a number of different things from their menu, but the $19 express lunch option was off the hook.  It doesn’t come cheap, but you’re getting unlimited tapas for that price so it’s actually a pretty good deal.

torotoro dc

Located on 1300 I Street NW, ToroToro’s super hip, like you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of Manhattan.  The decor’s luxe & trendy, the waitstaff’s super friendly & attentive, and there’s plenty of street parking available.  Throughout our meal, Milena, their wonderful manager, checked up on us several times to make sure our meal was on point.  Needless to say, they get serious props for exemplary service.

unlimited tapas in dc

We started our meal off with magical cheesy bread, and we honestly would’ve been happy eating just that for lunch.  It came straight out of the oven – so it was nice and warm – and was served with a side of fresh salsa, which was good but the bread’s delicious with or without it so eat it however you please.

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pan latin cuisine in dc

Next came tapas!  We ordered a slew of ’em, and they were honestly all nomtastic.  We DID have favorites though so you’re gonna want to keep reading.  Here’s a list of everything we got:  spicy hummus with feta, baby iceberg with bacon, quinoa croquettes, short rib arepas, corn masa sopes de chorizo, mexican street corn, roasted beets with goat cheese, and their chipotle mac & cheese. And that’s just a handful of what’s available at ToroToro.  They also have shrimp cocktail, charred broccolini, truffle fries, amongst more – see the full list here.

best tapas in dc

We enjoyed their mexican street corn, short rib arepas, and roasted beets with goat cheese the best.  Although everything was delicious, the aforementioned plates really stood out to us.  What looks the best to you guys? And btw, isn’t their presentation ridiculous?  Their dishes were (almost) too beautiful to eat.

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delicious corn dishes in dc

above:  mexican street corn || below:  baby iceberg with bacon

delicious tapas roasted beet salad

above:  roasted beets with goat cheese || below:  spicy hummus with feta

unlimited tapas in DMV

below: corn masa sopes de chorizo

unlimited tapas in the DC area

Then, we got two dishes off their signature menu:  one entree and one dessert.  We were craving meat so we went with their skirt steak, and it came with fingerling potatoes and charred broccolini.  Everything about this dish was a serious do! The meat was ridiculously tender and seasoned to perfection, and every bite just melted in our mouths.  We seriously couldn’t get enough.  The picture doesn’t do it justice so go to ToroToro and try it for yourself.

delicious steak in the DC area

Last but certainly not least, dessert.  Holy crap, Nomsters!  Their Bomba was the BOMB(a), ha.  Our waiter came out with the beautiful tray pictured below and then dropped it in front of us.  It came with fruit, seasonal sorbet + ice cream (we got strawberry ice cream and passionfruit sorbet) in a chocolate “bowl” and was then drizzled with dulce de leche and caramel, and topped with cookie crumbs.  Oh, and see those beautiful flowers? They’re edible so go to town, frands.  Priced at $25, this baby can serve 2-3 people easily, and it’s a definite must-try, like we’d come back for this alone.

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best desserts in dc bomba dessert torotoro

Well that’s it for today, Nomsters!  We hope you liked reading about ToroToro.  Definitely let us know what you think of their food after trying it and comment below with your favorite dishes.  ‘Til next time, everyone.  If you want to browse other fab restaurants in DC, make sure you check out this tab.


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  1. Jennifer
    December 4, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    Wow! Every dish looks so good. Love the thorough review. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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