The Best of Umaya Izakaya

Looking for solid Japanese food at City Center?  Chef Nick Hoang is making waves over at Umaya Izakaya.  He’s been in the industry for 15+ years and specializes in Japanese culinary expression and food design.  He’s worked in restaurants all over the country and is looking to refresh the District’s sushi scene.  Umaya has everything from yakitori to ramen so rest assured, there’s something for everyone.

umaya izakaya dcumaya city center

Umaya has a seasonal menu that changes every few months.  Suffice it to say, it’s exciting to try new dishes, but there’s one plate in particular that you need to try before the end of summer:  Chef Nick’s fresh lobster sashimi.  Dip it lightly in the accompanying sauce for an unforgettable bite that will melt in your mouth.

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lobster sashimi lobster dishes

Umaya’s yakitori is also phenomenal, and they have a large selection including proteins like chicken hearts, chicken gizzard, and beef tongue along with standard favorites such as pork belly and chicken meatball.

yakitori japanese yakitori

On top of shareable plates, they have a slew of impressive entrees.  Their garlic yuzu kosho lamb chops are a must-try!  The meat’s char-grilled and served with different vegetables, which is then topped with a delicious citrus yuzu reduction.  Other delectable options include their wagyu beef, miso eggplant and NY strip.

lamb chops dc

Their nigiri’s as fresh as it gets.  Here’s a shot of some seared salmon and tuna.  In addition, they have several roll options including speciality maki like Mango Tango, Lava Roll and the V.L.T, a wonderful vegetarian option with asparagus and lettuce in avocado, garnished with a cherry tomato and sweet chili mayo sauce.

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seared sushi

And last but not least, our favorite dish of the day:  their hot stone wagyu beef.  Chef Nick cooked the meat right in front of our eyes, and it was so ridiculously juicy!

hot wagyu beefwagyu beef japanese

Whether you want to indulge in a pipin’ hot bowl of ramen or share an elaborate sushi boat with friends, Umaya will leave all your senses satisfied.  It’s the perfect place for both work lunches and dates alike so make sure you head on over soon.  For more on DC eats, browse this tab and stay tuned for fresh new content every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Until next time, Nomsters.  Stay full!

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