How to Unwind After Adulting All Day with Wilson Creek Wine

Thank you Wilson Creek Winery for sponsoring this post. Wilson Creek Winery encourages you to celebrate the little things in life with their line of sparkling wines.

What’s up, Nomsters! Adulting is hard work, relentless, and can feel ultra fast-paced. Most of us live crazy working lives with no real set hours, which means a lot of late nights, coffee, and little sleep. When our brain is moving at 100 mph, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and relax, even once you’re home and finally able to veg out on the couch.

Luckily, we’ve found two ways to totally unwind and bring ourselves back to earth so that we can completely rejuvenate and take full advantage of our precious R&R time. So, how do we do it? Simply focus in on celebrating the small things that we enjoy while sipping on a glass of our favorite Wilson Creek Wine. Here are some ideas that you can try at home, but we also encourage you to think about what activities are super enjoyable AND relaxing to you, so you can customize the experience to your own tastes. Let’s jump into it!

Wilson Creek Wine Almond

Create Your Own Beach

Sometimes it’s just not practical to head all the way out to the beach, depending on where you live and potential time constraints, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t recreate that experience at home! We love to head into our backyard, lay a beach towel down on the lawn, and relax with a good book and a glass of sparkling Sangria from Wilson Creek Wine. The bubbles make it a fun experience and perfect for getting in the unwinding mood, and the fruity flavor is straight up awesome.

Aside from the Sangria, they offer 10 amazing, unique flavors that can be found at your local store, online, and at the actual winery in Temecula Valley Wine Country, so be sure to check them all out here! Another fun element you can include in your at-home-beach is one of those looping ambient noise soundtracks. We like setting it to the beach sounds, but choose whichever makes you feel most relaxed! And if you don’t have a backyard that’s suitable for this, you can always go to a local park and find a nice spot in the sun.

Wilson Creek Wine Sunbathing

Turn Your Backyard into a Home Theater

Our second favorite thing to do to unwind is to stream our favorite shows and movies in our backyard! First off, it’s super fun to enjoy something like streaming videos in a place that you probably wouldn’t normally. And second, if it’s a nice day, you get to feel the warm sun on your skin while catching up on your favorite shows. The beach idea is actually best, for us, when done solo for max relaxation, but this one is really fun to do with a friend!

If we have company, we love to provide some variety on the drink front. So in addition to the sparkling Sangria, our other go-to from Wilson Creek Wine is their sparkling Almond. This is a sparkling white wine with a lighter, nuttier, and more buttery flavor that’s refreshing, super unique, and perfect for warm days and evenings outside. Lastly, another cool idea to take this to the next level would be to buy a cheap projector and projector screen that you can hook up to your computer so you can watch your movies or shows on a much bigger scale! To save money you can buy some white poster board and hang it up against a wall or fence and project on that.

Wilson Creek Wine Close Up Label

Wilson Creek Wine Watching Netflix Close Up

We hope these tips were helpful, or at least gave you some inspiration for finding ways to truly unwind after a busy, hectic week of adulting to the max. The sparkling wines from Wilson Creek Wine are seriously the best way to compliment a rest and recover sesh like this, so we definitely recommend you try the Sangria and Almond bottles here! What are some effective ways you’ve found to relax? If you try these tips out, what did you think of them? Shoot us a DM on Instagram or leave a comment below and let us know. Till next time, Nomsters!


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